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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design Celebrates its 60th Anniversary with Grand Opening Ceremony

12 Mar 2024

PolyU Design Heritage School of Design

Professor Wing-tak Wong, Deputy President and Provost (DP) and Chair Professor of Chemical Technology of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, hopes that the story of PolyU Design remains not just relevant, but revolutionary.

Mr. LAU Chun, Raistlin, JP, Under Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, delivers a speech for PolyU School of Design 60th Anniversary Celebration.

Mr. Victor LO, GBM, GBS, OBE, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive Gold Peak Technology Group Ltd., expressed his pride in PolyU Design’s transformation into a world-class design education provider in China and Asia.

Professor Kun-Pyo LEE, Dean of School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, hopes to create a better world where design not only answers questions but also asks them.



For Immediate Release

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design Celebrates its 60th Anniversary with Grand Opening Ceremony

With “Designing Time” as the Theme 
Launching a New Identity and Showcasing Alumni’s Remarkable Achievements

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (hereafter referred to as "PolyU Design" or "the School") has been an important hub for design education and research in Hong Kong, offering quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in design to nurture creative talent across a wide range of industries. To celebrate its 60th anniversary and the remarkable achievements of alumni, Designing Time — PolyU School of Design 60th Anniversary Celebration Featuring New PolyU Design Identity Launch & One to Ten Outstanding Alumni Exhibition Debut, was held at the Jockey Club Innovation Tower on the PolyU campus on 11 March. The grand opening marks the beginning of the 60th anniversary celebrations. Various guests gathered to show their support, and congratulatory messages from renowned design scholars around the world, including two former deans, the distinguished design academic, Professor Don Norman, were also featured, injecting transformative power into education and the design industry, thus preserving and transmitting design in various forms.


Grand Opening of PolyU Design Celebration with the New PolyU Design Identity Launch Marking a Significant Milestone for PolyU Design

In a world that constantly seeks answers, PolyU Design dares to keep asking the right questions. The journey of redefining PolyU Design's brand began not with words, but with a visual cue - a bold new logo designed by a team of young alumni - the graduates of 2022 and 2023, Jeff Chan, Chi Ho, Eunis, and Thomas, under the mentorship of an outstanding alumnus, Mr. Tommy Li. This logo, with its striking feature of an invisible 'i' in the word design, serves as a powerful catalyst for PolyU Design’s exploration into what truly defines them and forms the foundation of the ethos:

  • Interdisciplinarity - Where disciplines unite, leaders are born. Our logo's boldness isn't just a mark; it’s a call for design students to take the wheel in innovation.
  • Inclusiveness - Design with everyone in mind, benefits all. Our creations are universal, speaking to diverse needs and experiences. Our canvas is the world, enriched by the vast spectrum of humanity.
  • Innovation - Design is humanity's heartbeat. Our creations marry imagination with utility, fusing entrepreneurial drive and sustainable practices to craft a future where innovation thrives in harmony with our planet.


The launching of the new PolyU Design Identity marks a significant milestone for this renowned institution, with the hope of igniting more creative sparks in the future.

One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition Showcasing Ten Outstanding Alumni’s Various Design Creativity

To explore the diversity and evolution of design knowledge and to showcase the achievements and contributions of the ten outstanding alumni in the field of design, the "One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition", themed “10 Forms (design diversity), 10 Transmissions (knowledge transmissions)," rethinks the foundation of design. The ten outstanding alumni are Mr. Tino Kwan, Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Freeman Lau, Mr. Dennis Chan, Mr. Tommy Li, Mr. Anthony Lo, Mr. Alan Yip, Mr. Chu Chen-on, Mr. Barrie Ho, and Mr. James O Hing-pong. “One To Ten” highlights the variety of different design fields and the outstanding achievements of the 10 alumni in lighting design, product design, industrial design, architectural design, communication design, design management, automotive design, Chinese cultural design, brand identity design, etc. It provides a platform to showcase the alumni's creativity, talent, and impact, as well as the School's 60 years of excellence in education and academic accomplishments to a global audience and allows the viewers to experience the alumni's pursuit of aesthetics and professional skills.


One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition


PolyU Design, one of the top 20 design schools globally, has gained international acclaim through its commitment to interdisciplinary education, robust research platforms, extensive global partnerships, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. This approach equips students to tackle complex, technology-integrated design challenges while staying at the forefront of innovation in Asia and beyond. The school offers world-class facilities, providing students and teachers with an excellent foundation to connect with the world and become leaders in their fields. Through their knowledge and mentorship, graduates ensure design continuity by passing on their expertise to the next generation, thus preserving and transmitting design in various forms and moving towards an innovative future with the public.

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About The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (hereafter referred to as "PolyU Design" or "the School") has been an important hub for design education and research in Hong Kong, offering quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in design to nurture creative talent across a wide range of industries. The School is a place where East meets West, allowing students to develop their design expertise while gaining an in-depth understanding of industry and society, with a unique international and cultural perspective. PolyU Design attaches equal importance to design theory and application, integrates art with science, actively promotes interdisciplinary cooperation and learning, emphasizes high-quality design education, conducts high-level research, and provides consulting services.


The research and academic programmes offered by PolyU Design are based on five central tenets: 1) Developing an Open Mind Frame; 2) Steering Positive Change; 3) Establishing Visionary Entrepreneurship; 4) Practising Authentic Expression; and 5) Designing Responsibly.


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以「時日在設計」為主題 發佈全新視覺識別 展示一眾校友卓越成就


香港理工大學設計學院(以下簡稱為「理大設計」或「學院」)作為香港設計教育和研究的重要樞紐,致力於提供優質的本科和研究生設計課程,培養出無數具有創意才華的人才,一眾校友在各個行業中取得了卓越成就。為慶祝香港理工大學設計學院六十週年及其眾多校友的卓越成就,時日在設計——理大設計學院六十週年慶典 暨 理大設計全新視覺識別發佈及《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展於 3 月 11 日在香港理工大學賽馬會創新樓隆重舉行,盛大的活動為60 週年慶祝活動揭開序幕。一眾嘉賓到場支持,現場亦播放了來自世界各地其他設計院校的賀辭,包括兩位前任院長、著名設計學者唐·諾曼等等,為教育及設計界注入變革力量,使設計以不同形態傳遞和傳承。







金山科技工業有限公司主席兼總裁羅仲榮GBM,GBS,OBE,JP 表示對於見證理大設計學院成為中國和亞洲一流的設計教育提供者,感到非常自豪。






理大設計慶典盛大開幕 全新視覺識別象徵理大設計的新一篇

在一個不斷尋求答案的世界,理大設計敢於詢問正確的問題。重新定義香港理工大學設計學院品牌的旅程並不是從文字開始,而是從一個視覺線索開始。由理大設計校友、知名品牌設計師李永銓先生帶領四位理大設計學院畢業生,分別為2022、23年畢業生陳傑夫、張志豪、廖玥婷及吳灝民,構思新的標誌及視覺識別。新品牌標誌以「設計」英文字中看似隱形的「i」為特點,引領我們發問並探索真正的定義,同時延伸到以3 個「i」為未來設計教育方向:

  • Interdisciplinarity(跨學科)- 以跨學科教與學,培育明日領袖,鼓勵學生持續創新。
  • Inclusiveness (共融)- 以所有人受惠為設計目標,滿足不同需求和體驗。
  • Innovation (創新)- 以創作將想像與實用結合,融合創業動力與永續實踐,打造創新、與地球和諧共處的未來。



《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展 十位傑出校友不同領域的設計多樣性

為彰顯不同設計領域的多樣性及表揚十位校友在多個領域的成就和貢獻,《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展以「10 種形態,10 種傳遞」為主題,重新思考設計的基礎。十位傑出校友包括:關永權、陳秉鵬、劉小康、陳瑞麟、李永銓、羅偉基、葉智榮、朱鎮安、何周禮,以及柯興邦。《One To Ten》突出他們在照明、產品、工業、建築、傳播、管理、汽車、中國文化和品牌形象設計等領域的卓越成就,展示校友創新才華和設計影響力,同時也向全球展示學院六十年來的卓越教育和學術成果,讓觀眾親身體驗校友在設計領域中的創意展示。


《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展







香港理工大學設計學院 (下稱「理大設計」或「學院」)一直是香港設計教育與研究的重要樞紐,提供優質的設計學學士及深造課程,為不同行業培育創意人才。學院乃東西文化匯集之所,學生得以發展設計專長,同時深入了解行業和社會狀況,擁有獨特的國際與文化視野。 理大設計理論與應用並重,貫穿藝術與科學,積極推動跨學科合作和學習,注重優質設計教育,進行高瞻研究,同時提供諮詢服務。


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Find out more about Designing Time — PolyU Design's 60th Anniversary Celebrations. Join us to celebrate!




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