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One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition: Ten Outstanding Alumni, Ten Diverse Design Forms and Modes of Transmission

29 Feb 2024

PolyU Design Heritage School of Design



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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design 60th Anniversary 
One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition

Ten Outstanding Alumni, Ten Diverse Design Forms and Modes of Transmission 
Showcasing Distinctive Design Disciplines and Remarkable Achievements in the Design Industry


To celebrate its 60th anniversary and the remarkable achievements of its alumni, the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will host the "One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition" from 11 March to 31 May this year. The exhibition will take place at the Podium, Jockey Club Innovation Tower on the PolyU campus, offering a unique platform for the public to explore the diversity and evolution of design knowledge and to showcase the achievements and contributions of the ten outstanding alumni in the field of design. Moreover, the exhibition will present the works of these ten outstanding alumni through ten different forms and modes of transmission, providing viewers with an immersive experience of their creative displays in the realm of design.

One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition
The theme of "One to Ten" represents the different stages of the ten outstanding alumni. "One" signifies the beginning of their journey as students, "To" symbolizes their professional growth after graduation leading up to their mastery, and "Ten" represents their aspirations for the future. The School of Design aims to showcase the creative endeavors of these alumni in the field of design through this exhibition while inspiring students and the public alike to foster the continuity and transmission of design. 

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The main part focuses on the remarkable works of the ten outstanding alumni, presented under ten different themes representing various fields of design, including lighting design, product design, industrial design, architectural design, communication design, design management, automotive design, Chinese cultural design, and brand identity design, etc. The exhibition incorporates both physical displays and digital media, including text, images, and sound, to delve into the design concepts and processes of the ten alumni. It aims to create an immersive environment that allows the viewers to experience the alumni's pursuit of aesthetics and professional skills, provoking sensory impact and inspiration. The other part of the exhibition is the Mentorship Programme, showcasing collaborative creations between five alumni and students.

Ten Outstanding Alumni Showcasing Various Design Creativity

1-10The Ten Alumni

Ten Outstanding Alumni



Mode of Transmission


Mr Tino Kwan

Light Labo: A Journey into Light and Shadows

Design installation

Lighting combination


Mr Eric Chan

The Beauty of Design with Streamline and Ergonomics

Streamline and ergonomics

Magic & Logic


Mr Freeman Lau

Fusing Traditional Culture and Modern Design


Art, story


Mr Dennis Chan

Unleashing Creativity with Hulu

No limitations

Immersive, visual


Mr Tommy Li

The Essence of Design

Shapes, proportions

Visual, dynamic


Mr Anthony Lo

The Futuristic Journey of Lincoln L100 Concept

Car factory display

Visual, search


Mr Alan Yip

Understanding Product Design as an Evolution of Colour, Material and Finish (CMF)

Chronological evolution

Colour, material and finish


Mr Chu Chen-on

Mapping the International Brilliance of Hong Kong Cinema


Visual, search


Mr Barrie Ho

Taking a Glimpse of Architectural Grandeur

Closed type



Mr James O Hing-pong

Design Thinking: The Key to Start-Up Success


Works and cases



  1. Tino Kwan Wing-kuen — Light Labo: A Journey into Light and Shadow

    Tino Kwan Wing Kuen is a lighting designer known for creating unique and beautiful lighting designs for landmark buildings and public spaces around the world. For this exhibition display, Tino has created Light Labo, an immersive lighting design installation that transports visitors into a realm of fantasy and wonder through providing multiple lighting experiences. 

    Light Labo begins with a one-minute Dance with Light experience, in which the team ingeniously combines light and music to create an inspiring journey of light and shadow. Next, visitors will embark on a marvellous journey of light through the first video, Light and Lighting, delving into its history, significance and impact on our daily lives. In the second video, A Lighting Design Journey, Tino explains the design concept and process behind his work for Regent Hong Kong, sharing insights into the workflow of a lighting designer. Lastly, the short film, Story of a Hong Kong Boy, narrates Tino’s journey as a Hong Kong native who received his education in the city. It showcases how his talent, hard work and passion for lighting design propelled him to become a renowned designer worldwide and forge a brilliant design career.

    Light Labo seamlessly combines elements such as lighting, video, and music to provide an inspiring journey of light, highlighting the artistic value and practicality of lighting design.

  2. Eric Chan Ping-pang — The Beauty of Design with Streamline and Ergonomics

    Eric Chan Ping-pang is a renowned product designer who has collaborated with leading international brands. His works are renowned for their flowing lines and ergonomic designs. To communicate his design style and philosophy, Eric has created " Magic and Logo", an exhibition display that showcases his signature streamlined shapes and ergonomic concepts through a combination of text and images. The display features a carefully curated selection of his past designs, including telephone, stationery and furniture pieces, as well as sketches and photographs that fully illustrate his design philosophy and thought process. “Magic and Logo” provides the audience with an opportunity to experience Eric's passion for design and gain a comprehensive understanding of the key principles underlying his design practice.

  3. Freeman Lau Siu-hong— Fusing Traditional Culture and Modern Design

    The four chair installation artworks created by Freeman Lau Siu-hong can be appreciated independently or in combination. Collectively, they reveal Freeman's deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture as well as his ingenuity in integrating it into his creative practice. Each work contains a rich story, with the form of the chair and Chinese cultural elements joining harmoniously together. By immersing themselves in the displayed works, visitors can experience his profound respect for traditional culture and innovative thinking, appreciating how he transforms creative design concepts into art, understanding Chinese craftsmanship, and focusing on cultural heritage.


  4. Dennis Chan Shui-lun — Unleashing Creativity with Hulu

    "Hulu: Embracing Unlimited Design" is a delightful sensory experience designed by Dennis Chan Shui Lun. A master of crossing creative boundaries, Dennis has skilfully incorporated the playful charm of the “hulu” (meaning “gourd” in Chinese) as a unifying concept for his exquisite jewellery brand Qeelin. Through his creative practice, Dennis demonstrates the boundless possibilities of design by integrating the Hulu motif across diverse mediums, including sculpture, jewellery and even cafes.

    Traditionally symbolising blessings and protection, the Hulu has been the central design element in Qeelin’s captivating jewellery lines, adorning rings, necklaces and earrings. Dennis employs this timeless symbol as a vessel to convey messages that transcend cultural boundaries.

    The entire display showcases Dennis’ ability to break free from artistic silos and bridge gaps across various mediums and cultures with infectious creativity.

  5. Tommy Li Wing-chuen — The Essence of Design

    Tommy Li is an award-winning Hong Kong brand designer renowned for employing simple shapes and unique display methods to reveal the essence of design. In this exhibition, Tommy will present three groups of works, each featuring an experimental display. The first group includes a selection of his previous brand designs transformed into all-white, 3D-printed works. This display approach accentuates the fundamental elements, structure and proportions of the design, enabling visitors to understand the starting point and core characteristics of each work. Another work, New 9 Sins, also employs an innovative display method. Through augmented reality (AR), viewers can explore five pieces of the complete woodblock print set from different angles, experiencing various visual effects. Finally, a field of Octopus sculptures is artfully arranged within a light-box display structure, offering a captivating visual experience. Collectively, these works exemplify Tommy’s design practice and innovative display approach, inspiring visitors to engage in creative thinking.

  6. Anthony Lo Wai-Kei — The Futuristic Journey of Lincoln L100 Concept

    Anthony Lo Wai-kei is an automotive designer renowned for his groundbreaking concept cars created for various leading automobile companies. His latest creation, the Lincoln L100 Concept, showcases a sleek and futuristic design that exemplifies Anthony’s creative approach and design philosophy. In order to provide visitors with an immersive viewing experience, the exhibition space has been modelled after a car factory. Both visual and tactile elements, including text and videos, are utilised to explain Anthony’s creative process, spanning from concept to realisation. Through this comprehensive display, visitors can fully appreciate the streamlined form and intricate design details of the concept car, gaining valuable insight into Anthony’s innovative pursuit of aesthetics and functionality, right down to every single detail.

  7. Alan Yip Chi-wing — Understanding Product Design as an Evolution of Colour, Material and Finish (CMF)

    Industrial designer Alan Yip Chi-wing founded Yip Design in 1990, designed over 1000 products and created ALANYIP brand, winning numerous awards. His designs were presented in many museums, books and medias worldwide. This display showcases the chronological evolution of form and style in his product design, providing valuable insights into his distinguished career and the broader trends in design. Alan has employed the “CMF” method – a widely-utilised approach in product design – to break down each displayed product's creative and manufacturing process. We can appreciate how the use of different colours, materials and finish can enhance a product's features and texture. This diverse selection not only reveals Alan’s meticulous design methodology but also demonstrates his creative approach from both visual and tactile perspectives.

  8. Chu Chen-on — Mapping the International Brilliance of Hong Kong Cinema

    Chu Chen-on is a Hong Kong veteran film producer and has been involved in the production of several internationally renowned films, including "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life," "The Dark Knight," and "Transformers: Age of Extinction." To celebrate the accomplishments of Chu Chen-on, a Hong Kong Film Map has been created to showcase the places he artfully selected for major film productions in the past. The map incorporates photographs that highlight how various spots across the city offer picturesque settings for captivating storytelling, demonstrating Chu’s keen eye and attention to detail. Each marked location represents a story captured on the screen, while the city's distinctive views provide unique settings that cater to the demands of both local and international film productions. Visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for how Chu has utilised Hong Kong’s distinctive charm to showcase the city to the world.

  9. Barrie Ho Chow-lai —Taking a Glimpse of Architectural Grandeur

    Barrie Ho Chow-lai, MH is a renowned new-generation architectural designer from Asia. He has been involved in numerous national-level architectural projects and has received over 160 international architectural design awards, including Dubai, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the Asia-Pacific region, and Hong Kong. This exhibition presents a unique approach to pique the public’s curiosity. Barrie has created an enclosed space where visitors can only view exhibits through glass windows, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of his design philosophy and creative practice. Within the display space, architectural materials such as models showcase the exterior and intricate details of the buildings, while videos provide insights into the interior spaces and explain the underlying design concepts. This indirect “peeping” approach creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, igniting the desire to observe the exhibits in detail and further explore Barrie’s work.

  10. Mr. James O Hing-pong — Design Thinking: The Key to Start-Up Success

    James O Hing-pong is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of unicorn. The success of the enterprise demonstrates the importance of design thinking in startup companies. With his interdisciplinary background, James successfully transitioned from being a specialist to becoming a generalist, employing a holistic approach to drive the growth of the start-up company. This display showcases a timeline that traces James’ entrepreneurial journey, highlighting key milestones and achievements. It also illustrates how he applied design thinking to various aspects such as product development, brand establishment and user experience design, as well as problem-solving and product innovation. This pioneering and user-centric approach enabled James to establish a competitive edge for the enterprise, leading to the critical success of the start-up.


The School of Design aims to showcase the creativity, innovation, and impact of its alumni through various means. Through text, images, sound, interaction, and virtual reality, the audience is invited to personally engage in and experience a rich multisensory journey. The exhibition explores how the transmission of knowledge shapes our world and culture, as well as how it generates influence within the realm of design. It guides the audience to appreciate and understand the artistic value and practicality, embarking on a design journey towards an innovative future.

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One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition

Date: 11 March 2024 – 31 May 2024 (Open to the public from 12 March)
Time: 10am to 6pm
Address: Podium & 3/F, Jockey Club Innovation Tower, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Free of Charge

Pre-registration is required for external visitors to obtain a campus access QR code 5 working days in advance to their planned visit. 
Register: Click here

Guided Tours 
Join our guided tours and get to know the exhibits through guided interpretations by our outstanding alumni. 
The tours will cover highlights of PolyU Design outstanding alumni exhibits and mentorship programme, as well as the concepts and messages behind the exhibits.
Register: Click here

About The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (PolyU Design)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design (hereafter referred to as "PolyU Design" or "the School") has been an important hub for design education and research in Hong Kong, offering quality undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in design to nurture creative talent across a wide range of industries. The School is a place where East meets West, allowing students to develop their design expertise while gaining an in-depth understanding of industry and society, with a unique international and cultural perspective. PolyU Design attaches equal importance to design theory and application, integrates art with science, actively promotes interdisciplinary cooperation and learning, emphasizes high-quality design education, conducts high-level research, and provides consulting services.


The research and academic programmes offered by PolyU Design are based on five central tenets: 1) Developing an Open Mind Frame; 2) Steering Positive Change; 3) Establishing Visionary Entrepreneurship; 4) Practising Authentic Expression; and 5) Designing Responsibly.


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香港理工大學設計學院60週年——《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展

十位傑出校友 十種形態和傳遞方式  
展示不同設計領域的多樣性 分享設計界卓越成就


為慶祝香港理工大學設計學院六十周年及其眾多校友的卓越成就,學院將於今年3月11日至5月31日於理大校園賽馬會創新樓平台特別舉辦《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展,引領大眾探索設計知識傳遞的多樣性和變化,表揚十位校友在多個領域的成就和貢獻。此外,展覽會以十種形態和傳遞方式全新註釋十位傑出校友的作品,讓觀眾親身體驗校友在設計領域中的創意展示。

《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展的主題

《One To Ten》的展覽主題代表十位傑出校友的不同階段,主題中的「One」是指校友讀書時期開始、「To」是指畢業後工作至大師班的路途以及「Ten」是指對未來的展望。設計學院期望透過是次展覽,向大眾呈現校友們在設計領域上的創意,以及啟發學生和大眾,使設計以不同形態傳遞和傳承。



1-10The Ten Alumni







Light Labo》的光影之旅


















































1. 關永權——《Light Labo》的光影之旅

燈光設計師關永權以富創意和美感的設計而聞名,他的作品遍佈全球多個知名建築和室內空間。關氏為這次展覽打造了一個沉浸式的光影空間——《Light Labo》,利用燈光創造出一個夢幻且充滿驚喜的體驗,讓觀眾從不同的角度欣賞燈光設計。

《Light Labo》的序幕是一分鐘的《Dance with Light》光影體驗,團隊巧妙地結合燈光和音樂,設計出一場具啟發性的光影之旅。在第一部影片《Light and Lighting》中,你將走進一個奇妙的燈光旅程,了解光的歷史和重要性,以及對我們日常生活的影響。第二部影片《A Lighting Design Journey》中,關永權剖析了他在設計香港麗晶酒店時的構想和實踐,讓觀眾更了解燈光設計師的工作流程。而微電影《Story of a Hong Kong Boy》則講述了關永權這位土生土長並在香港接受教育的香港仔,如何憑藉個人才幹、努力和對燈光設計的熱誠,成為全球著名的燈光設計師之一,並開創了輝煌的設計生涯。

《Light Labo》不僅讓大眾更加認識燈光設計這個專業,還強調了燈光的藝術價值和燈光設計的實踐。


2. 陳秉鵬——《流線設計與人體工學之美》

著名產品設計師陳秉鵬曾為多個知名品牌設計產品,作品以流暢的線條和著重人體工學著稱。為了讓公眾更了解他的設計風格和哲學,他創作了一個名為「流線設計與人體工學之美」(Magic & Logic)的展覽,結合文字和圖像展示其簽名式的流線型造型和人體工學構思。展覽精選了他的代表作,包括電話、文具、家具,以及相關手稿和照片,完整地呈現他的設計理念和思考過程。展覽的展台高度、座椅等都經過精心設計,讓觀眾在觀展時感到更加輕鬆自如。「流線設計與人體工學之美」反映了陳氏對設計的熱情和追求,以及其設計背後的重要原則。


3. 劉小康 ——《融合傳統文化與現代設計》

4. 陳瑞麟——《葫蘆中的無限創意》



5. 李永銓——《設計的本質》



6. 羅偉基——《林肯L100概念車的未來之旅》
羅偉基是著名汽車設計師,曾為多家知名汽車公司設計創新和前衛的概念車。他的新作林肯L100概念車(Lincoln L100 Concept)擁有流暢的線條和富有未來感的造型,體現了他的創意手法和設計哲學。為了讓展覽更有臨場真實感,他把展覽空間化作車房,並採用文字和影片展示概念車由構思到完成的過程,讓觀眾仔細欣賞它的流線外形和精密細節,深入了解從概念到實現的過程,以及羅氏對細節和創新的執著。


7. 葉智榮——《產品設計中的顏色、物料和飾面 (CMF)》
產品設計師葉智榮於1990年創立葉智榮設計,設計過千件產品,發明專利數十項,獲獎無數,曾獲多國邀請展覽及收藏於中外知名博物館及書刊。是次展覽展出葉智榮的產品設計作品,闡述他卓越的設計生涯及設計的演變。葉氏使用產品設計中常用的CMF(color, material, finish)方法,拆解每件產品背後的創意和製作過程,讓觀眾更深入地了解設計師如何運用不同的顏色、物料和飾面處理來突出產品的特點和質感,感受到設計師對每個細節的執着,並從視覺和觸覺上了解設計師的設計理念和創作過程。

8. 朱鎮安——《香港的國際電影足跡》


9. 何周禮——《窺探宏偉建築》


10. 柯興邦——《設計思維——初創公司的成功關鍵》





《One To Ten》理大設計傑出校友作品展

日期:2024年 3 月 11日至 2024 年 5 月 31 日(由3月12日起開放予公眾)
時間:上午 10 時至晚上 6 時
地址:香港理工大學 賽馬會創新樓3樓及平台
登記 : 按此

如參加導賞團,請填上表格,會有專人通知領取QR code( 各團人數不可超過10 人)
登記: 按此



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