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What is Visual Impairment?

  • 174,800 people with visual impairment in Hong Kong (2.4% of total population)
    (Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, 2015)
  • It ranges from partially sighted to totally blind
  • Some may suffer from colour blindness or colour deficiency

Features / Challenges

  • Difficulty in reading
    • Reading at lower speed
    • Difficulty in reading for long periods
    • Difficulty in seeing words in small font size
  • Problems with orientation
  • Rely on other sensory functions such as hearing, touching and smelling

Possible support for students with Visual Impairment

Learning support

  • Provide study room in library exclusively for students with special needs
  • Provide special computer software or equipment: magnifier, reading machine, JAWS, Zoom Text
  • Allow extra time and breaks for tests and examinations
  • Allow seating priority
  • Allow extra time to complete assignments
  • Provide materials in accessible format for classes and examinations, e.g.
    →Electronic format
    →Enlarged printing
    →Specific font size, word and line spacing

Tips for peers

  • Be aware when communicating with them
    →Provide different modifications / adaptions, e.g.
    • Identify yourself by name first in the conversation
    • Identify verbally when you are entering or leaving
    • Express your feelings and thoughts directly as they cannot read your facial and body language
    • Be pro-active and ask their needs
  • Try to provide more support to them
    →Sharing notes
  • Try to give them more time to finish the jobs