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 What is Speech and Language Impairment?

49,300 people with speech difficulty in Hong Kong (0.7% of total population)
(Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, 2015)

Features / Challenges

Apraxia - referred to the impairment of motor skills that affect the ability to form the sounds of speech
Dysarthria - referred to muscle weakness, characterized by slow and slurred speech
Stuttering - referred to family history, characterized by repeat words, syllables or phrases, refusal to speak, rearrangement of words in a sentence

Possible support for students with Speech and Language Impairment

Learning support

  • Special arrangement for oral presentations
  • Special arrangement for read aloud and answer questions in class

Tips for peers

  • Be patient and listen to them
  • Give extra time for them to express their thoughts and ideas during discussion
  • Be respectful and don’t make fun of the way they speak