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What is Physical Impairment?

  • 320,500 people with physical impairment in Hong Kong (4.5% of total population)
    (Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, 2015)

Features / Challenges

  • Limitation on physical functioning
    • Difficulty in writing, holding or manipulating objects etc.
    • Need more time to move between venues
    • Difficulty in using non-barrier-free access and facilities

Possible support for students with Physical Impairment

Learning support

  • Provide study room in library exclusively for students with special needs
  • Provide a special room equipped with computers, height adjustable table and bed
  • Allow extra time and breaks for tests and examinations
  • Provide special furniture e.g. height adjustable wheelchair for laboratory work, height adjustable table for lessons / examinations
  • Arrange accessible classrooms / venues for learning activities
  • Allow using assistive devices in classes / examinations

Tips for peers

  • Take care of their needs
    →Adjust your pace to match theirs
    →Arrange meetings at venues accessible for them, e.g. with ramp, lift
    →Talk to a person who uses a wheelchair in the same level
  • e.g. Sit down to make sure you both are on the same level
    →Help with carrying belongings or opening door etc.
  • Try to provide more support to them
    →Sharing notes
  • Try to give them more time to finish the jobs