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What is Hearing Impairment?

  • 155,200 people with hearing impairment in Hong Kong (2.2% of total population)
    (Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, 2015)
  • Degree of hearing impairment:
Grade Hearing Threshold (dB HL)
Mild 26-40
Moderate 41-55
Moderately-severe 56-70
Severe 71-90
Profound Above 90
  • Types of hearing impairment
    • Conductive hearing impairment
    • Sensorineural hearing impairment
  • Modes of communication
    • Spoken language
    • Sign language

Features / Challenges

  • Difficulty in communication
    • May not understand the vocabulary and topic of conversation
    • May have articulation errors
    • Cannot fully express themselves

Possible support for students with Hearing Impairment

Learning support

  • Give them course materials in advance
  • Provide study room in library exclusively for students with special needs
  • Allow using assistive devices
  • Arrange note-takers to jot notes in classes
  • Avoid turning your back to them when teaching
  • Consider alternative assessment mode
  • Special seating arrangement in classes and examinations

Tips for peers

  • Don’t think they are rude if they miss or misinterpret some verbal messages
    →Get their attention before speaking
    • e.g. Use appropriate body gestures to get attention 

         →Speak clearly and slowly
         →Face them when talking with them to enable lip-reading

  • Try to provide more support to them
    →Sharing notes