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What is ASD?

  • Frequent in males than in females
  • 10,200 people with ASD in Hong Kong (0.1% of total population)
    (Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, 2015)
  • Condition which influences communication, behaviors and interest

Features / Challenges

  • Difficulty in social communication and social interaction
    • Poor understanding of others’ facial expressions, body language and non-verbal communication
    • Struggle with understanding their own and others’ feelings and emotion
    • Struggle with forming relationships
    • Hard to express themselves
    • Avoid eye contact and want to be alone
  • Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests or activities
    • Repeat actions
    • Like to follow same routine
    • Obsessive with number and pattern

Possible support for students with ASD

Learning support

  • Provide supervision and set priorities
  • Provide study room in library exclusively for students with special needs with less distractions
  • Allow extra time for tests and examinations
  • Allow extra time to complete assignments
  • Provide special examination venue with less distractions
  • Allow individual work instead of group work when necessary

Tips for peers

  • Give them chance to initiate communication
    →Be patient and being “face to face’ for inviting eye-contact
    →Help them to interpret non-verbal communication
    • e.g. Be aware of your facial expressions
  • Help them to understand the conversation
    →Use concise wording in the conversation and avoid using metaphors
    →Be aware of your tone of voice in the conversation
  • Try to give them more time to finish the jobs
    →Set clear and break down instruction
    • e.g. Use concrete wording or list out requirement