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What is ADHD?

  • Neurodevelopmental disorder
  • Often found in early childhood
  • Frequent in males than in females (1.6:1)
  • 12,800 people with ADHD in Hong Kong (0.2% of total population)
    (Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics, 2015)

Features / Challenges


  • Poor concentration and easily distracted
    • Jobs takes longer time to finish
    • Miss deadlines
    • Forgetful
    • Make careless mistakes
  • Poor listening skills

Hyperactivity and impulsivity

  • Fidgety and restless
  • Frequent tantrums
  • Interrupt conversations
  • Weak organizational skills

*It can be inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive or combined

Possible support for students with ADHD

Learning support

  • Provide supervision and set priorities
  • Provide study room in library exclusively for students with special needs with less distractions
  • Allow extra time for tests and examinations
  • Allow extra time to complete assignments
  • Provide special examination venue with less distractions

Tips for peers

  • Don’t think they are rude if they are not focusing on your conversations
    →Having conversation with them in a quiet place
  • Try to give them more time to finish the jobs and offer reminders
    →Set clear expectations and rules
    • e.g. Set clear / earlier deadline when having group project with them
  • Try to provide more support to them
    →Share study tips
    • e.g. Time management skills, organization skills etc.