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  • Local full-time government-funded students with financial needs can apply for grants and loans from the Government Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS). Applications are means-tested and the amounts awarded will depend on the applicant’s family size, income and assets. Applicants receiving a Disability Allowance from the Social Welfare Department may be granted a special loan equivalent to 50% of the maximum loan in addition to his/her original entitlements.
  • The Commission on Poverty (CoP) approved on 27 March 2015 the allocation of funds from the Community Care Fund (CCF) for enhancing the academic expenses (AE) grant for post-secondary students with special educational needs (SEN) and financial needs in order to strengthen the support for these students. The CCF Programme will be implemented for three academic years, from 2015/16 to 2017/18. At its meeting held on 21 June 2018, the CoP agreed to extend the programme for another three academic years, from 2018/19 till 2020/21. The programme will continue to operate on its existing parameters.
    Each eligible student will be offered an additional academic expenses grant of up to $9,200 in 2020/21 academic year. The actual amount of subsidy receivable is to be determined with respect to the student’s level of assistance assessed in the means test of the Student Finance Office (SFO).
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  • All local students with financial needs can apply for a loan capped at the tuition fee level from the Government Non-means-tested Loan Scheme. Applications are non-means-tested and the interest will be charged once the loan is drawn down.
  • Local full-time government-funded students with financial needs can also apply for assistance from the PolyU Financial Assistance Scheme. Special consideration will be given to the necessary expenses incurred because of the disability.