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A Diversity Resource Centre has been set up at TU302 with a view to creating a culture of diversity and inclusion on campus, thus enabling our students and staff to better understand the unique challenges faced by those with disability and be more ready and capable to offer support to those in need.

All students and staff are welcome! Please come to take a look at the books, assistive devices for people with different types of special needs and other resources on display, as well as try out the experiential games there. You will then have a better understanding of different types of disabilities, constraints and difficulties faced by people with disability and how you could help make their life easier and happier!

In 20/21 semester 1, the Centre will generally open from 13 September to 27 November on Monday to Friday (public holidays excluded) at 11:30am-5:30pm.

You are also welcome to join the virtual tour available on the intranet (https://www2.polyu.edu.hk/stars/PolyUDiversityResourceCenter.php).