According to the Registration of Persons Ordinance, non-local students must apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID card) at the Immigration Department within 30 days of arrival. You are therefore required to apply for an HKID card in person at the Immigration Department as soon as possible upon arrival. You may make an advanced booking via the Immigration Department’s 24-hour Appointment Booking Service for Hong Kong Smart Identity Card application at 

(852) 2598 0888 or   << Appointment Booking>>  or "HK Immigration Department" Mobile Application

In making an appointment, you need to enter the number of your travel document as the number of the identity document. 

Please produce your travel document for the application. There is no charge for HKID card issued to new arrivals. The processing normally  takes about 10 working days (i.e. excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays).

Once you get the HKID card, you are entitled to use the government medical services at local rates. You are required to carry your HKID card at all times.

Registration / Replacement of Hong Kong Identity Card:     

Applications by People Aged 18 or Over                     

Applications by People Aged 11 to 17