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Graduating Photo Taking on 24 April 2019

Grad Photo

A Memorable Graduating Moment at PolyU – Photo Taking for Non-local Graduating Students

To bring memorable moments to the non-local graduating students, the Centre STARS (renamed as Student Affairs Office w.e.f. 1 July 2020) organizes a photo taking ceremony for the graduating students with their family members and faculty members in end April each year.

The “Memorable Graduating Moment at PolyU (2019)” was successfully held on Wednesday, 24 April 2019 with around 300 non-local graduating students, over 250 of their parents and family members and over 20 faculty members attended.

Our Vice President (Student Affairs), Prof. Ben Young, gave a sharing to the non-local graduating students on our Motto “To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind”. He encouraged our students to keep on learning, apply our knowledge to the workplace and to serve people in need and instill a stronger sense of social responsibility.

The Mainland student representative shared his university life. He learned to live independently, regained his self-confidence and found his future direction in PolyU within the 4-year study. He thanked PolyU nurtured them to open up their minds, to help them to learn more about themselves, to set a clear goal, and to get well prepared for the future.

The International student representative from Russia expressed her gratitude to PolyU for supporting her journey of learning. PolyU not only helped her to develop professionally, academically and personally, also encouraged her to be fearless in the pursuit of her own goals.

In the time of celebrating students’ success, cheering, congratulating and sharing happiness was everywhere in that afternoon.

Best wishes for a bright future to the non-local graduating students.

Lantern Dinner Gathering on 23 February 2019

 20190223 Big Bowl Festival 331 554 1

Lantern Dinner Gathering for Host Family Scheme 2019

In the season of love and sharing, the Centre STARS (renamed as Student Affairs Office w.e.f. 1 July 2020) organized the Lantern Dinner Gathering for Host Family Scheme in which host families and students may share their love and extend their blessings to the people around them. The dinner gathering was held at the podiums of FJ and FG on 23 February 2019. It was the biggest annual event of the Host Family Scheme and attracted 40 host families and over 140 Mainland and International host family students enjoyed 25 tables of big bowl feast.

The toast was led by Dr. Eric Tam, Associate Dean of Students, and representatives of Non-local Student Services Team, PolyU Staff Evangelistic Mission, Institute of Active Ageing, and host families.

In this dinner gathering, participants not only tasted the traditional Chinese dish, performance and lucky draws were utmost importance. Students from 3 host families came on the stage to give sharing and show their gratitude to their host families. Apart from sharing, “Host Family’s Got Talent” delighted audience, including acrobatics, trio song, and host families sang to a student’s accompaniment.

Students stuck their thankyou cards on the backdrop when they arrived. The dinner gathering reached its climax when students came on stage, got back their thankyou cards and presented their own card with a carnation to their own host family. It was so touching!

Clapping, singing, sharing, and blessing was everywhere in that evening. “To love and be loved” is realized in the Host Family Scheme.

Chinese New Year Gala 2019 on 22 February 2019

CNY Gala

Chinese New Year Gala 2019 – To celebrate the Year of the Pig

To promote cross-cultural integration and enrich the campus experience of the University community, the Centre STARS (renamed as Student Affairs Office w.e.f. 1 July 2020) organized a Chinese New Year Gala at the podiums of FJ and FG on 22 February 2019. It was one of the biggest annual events to celebrate the Chinese New Year among members of PolyU community.

The kick-off ceremony was officiated by Mr. Ronald Chan, Secretary General of Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre, Professor Esmond Mok, Dean of Students and the representatives of various Non-local Associations, including Chinese Mainland Students’ Association, EASO Club, Indonesian Student Association, International Student Association, Korean Student Association, Qazaq Student Association, and Taiwanese Student Association.

In this Gala, participants got together to taste the tradition of Chinese New Year. In this year, there were 15 food and DIY booths, including traditional foods of Hong Kong, Mainland China and other regions; drawing Chinese calligraphy; making Chinese circular fan, Chinese traditional mask and Chinese lantern.

Apart from food and DIY booths, there was live performance in which students showcased their talents. In this year, there were 15 groups of cultural performances, including magic, singing, dancing, crosstalk, fusion of various musical instruments, such as dombyra, electronic keyboard, viola, and guitar.

Staff members and students from around the world had a taste of Chinese culture and festive celebrations through participating in a variety of festive activities and performances. The gala was a great success with over 400 students and staff participated. Let’s share our joy of Chinese New Year.