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Packing Check List

  • You need to wear a mask in public areas on campus/residences and throughout Hong Kong. Please bring sufficient masks for daily use, or you can also buy them locally.

  • 2-3 photocopies of your travel documents

  • 5-10 pieces of your passport photos

  • Cash
    • Please get ready some cash as you may need to use Hong Kong dollars as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong.

  • Credit cards
    • Please check with your local bank in advance to see if your credit card can be used in Hong Kong and if any additional charges will apply to cash withdrawal at ATM machines, etc.

  • First-aid and medicine you need to take regularly

  • Your medical and vaccination records
    • Please bring along your medical records (e.g. vaccination records), if any, which may be useful in case you need to consult doctors in Hong Kong.

  • Documents with details of your insurance policy issued in your home country, if applicable.

  • Electronic devices and travel adaptor
    • The standard electrical voltage is 220 volts and 3-pin plugs are used in Hong Kong. You are recommended to bring at least one travel adaptor as you may need to recharge your mobile phone immediately upon arrival. A small number of qualified convertor plugs are available at Hall Reception Counter for sale.

  • Clothes & Bedding
    • Please note that you need to prepare your own beddings (e.g. pillow covers and quilt), even for the halls of residences.
    • Please check the weather details on The Hong Kong Observatory website and pack clothes accordingly for your stay in Hong Kong.
    • You can expect sunny, bright and cool weather during winter, and occasional mist and showers from March to mid-May, so a shower proof jacket is desirable.
    • There is no heating system in Hong Kong and some winter days can be very cold. You may consider bringing cold resistant clothes for the cooler days or alternatively buy one in Hong Kong.

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