Video on Anti-Telephone Deception - Chinese Version only

【 提防 • 假冒內地官員電話騙案 】 Only Chinese version

此片只有中文版,在影片內容的位置附布中/英文 說明。

近日,警方發現有市民接到假冒內地官員的來電,訛稱受害人涉及内地口罩騙案有關的洗黑錢活動,藉此要求受害人提供姓名、身份證號碼及銀行帳戶等個人資料或指示受害人直接將金額轉帳至指定戶口,以騙取金錢。 警方呼籲市民,切勿向其他人透露個人或銀行戶口資料。如有懷疑,市民可致電『防騙易』諮詢熱線18222查詢。 警方同時呼籲市民,請將以上訊息廣傳給身邊的家人及朋友, 特別是長者,以防受騙。

 It has come to the attention of the Police that some citizens had recently received phone calls from people posing as mainland Chinese officials. In the conversations, the scammers would claim that the victims had been involved in money laundering activities related to the fraudulent selling of face masks in the Mainland. The scammers then asked the victims for their personal particulars such as names, identity card numbers and bank account details, or even would instruct the victims to transfer sums of money to designated bank accounts, in order to defraud them. The Police would like to remind members of the public not to disclose their personal particulars or bank account details to others. When in doubt, please call the “Anti-Scam Helpline” at 18222 for more information. The Police also appeals to members of the public whoever received the message to remind their family members and friends around them, in particular the elderly.

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