Student Accommodation

Student Halls of Residence (Hung Hom)

Comprising nine individual halls, Hung Hom Halls accommodates over 3000 students in total. Boyan Hall is for research postgraduate students only. The remaining eight halls are for undergraduate students, with Xuemin Hall designated for female residents only. The Hall Association in each undergraduate hall is under the guidance of the respective Hall Warden and Tutors, and is entrusted to organise hall activities to enrich students’ hall life.

Each individual hall has one Hall Warden and 4 - 6 Hall Tutors. 

Hall Warden is a University staff member appointed to provide pastoral care to student residents, ensuring their general well-being and compliance with hall-related regulations and policies. He/She is also responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning and development, as well as providing guidance to hall activities in the respective hall community.

Hall Tutors are mostly postgraduate students appointed to assist the Warden in building up a harmonious and yet vibrant hall community. Living on the student floors and serving as the first contact point with the student residents, the hall tutors play an active part in the social life of the hall community and help enforce hall discipline.

Please feel free to make an appointment with your Warden and tutors whenever you need them for advice and assistance. They are always ready to listen to you.

19-20/F Boyan Hall
RPG Co-ed. Hall
17-18/F Kaiyuan Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
15-16/F Wuhua Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
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13-14/F Chengde Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
11-12/F Wuxian Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
9-10/F Lizhi Hall 
UG Co-ed. Hall
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7-8/F Xuemin Hall
UG Female Hall
5-6/F Lisheng Hall
UG Co-ed. Hall
3-4/F Minyin Hall 
UG Co-ed. Hall
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