Student Accommodation


Name: Dr. Christina Zong-Hao MA
Department: Department of Biomedical Engineering
Room: 1003
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, playing the piano & meditation
Research areas and topics: Balance and Gait, Prevention of Falls and Slips, Promotion of Physical Activity, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Smart Wearable Assistive Technology, Gerontechnology (technology for older people) & Biomedical Ultrasound Imaging

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Name: Dr. Yun YANG
Department: Department of Electrical Engineering
Room: 1103
Hobbies: Hiking, video games, table tennis, basketball & etc.
Research areas and topics: Power Electronics, Wireless Power Transfer & Microgrid

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Name: Dr. Amos DARKO
Department: Department of Building and Real Estate
Room: 1111
Hobbies: Football, reading, writing & research
Research areas and topics: Sustainability, Sustainable Built Environment, Sustainable Construction, Green Building, Modular and Offsite Construction, Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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joni 2020 4 small
Name: Dr. Junpei "Joni" ZHONG
Department: Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Room: 1120
Hobbies: Jogging, travelling & jogging while travelling
Research areas and topics: Cognitive Sciences and Cognitive Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Human Intellgience

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Name: Prof. Jian-Guo DAI
Department: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Room: 1132
Hobbies: Reading, table tennis, jogging & music
Research areas and topics: Emerging materials and Structural systems for Sustainable Concrete Infrastructure, Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Construction, Durability and Maintenance of Concrete Infrastructures, Multiple Functional Coatings, Low Carbon Geopolymer Cement and Concrete & High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites

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Name: Dr. Emmanuel Kingsford OWUSU
Department: Department of Building and Real Estate
Room: 1133
Hobbies: Chess, tech, soccer & research
Research areas and topics: Construction and Real Estate Finance, Smart Contracts, Procurement Automation, Urban Infrastructure Economics, Policy & Governance

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Jiaxing Shen

Name: Dr. Jiaxing SHEN
Department: Department of Computing
Room: 1425
Hobbies: Table tennis, badminton, hiking & reading
Research areas and topics: IoT, Data Mining, Human Dynamics

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Dianxiang Ji PolyU

Name: Dr. Dianxiang JI
Department: Department of Applied Physics
Room: 1433
Hobbies: Reading, swimming & hiking
Research areas and topics: Functional Oxide Thin Films and Devices & Two-Dimensional Metal Oxides

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Green Horace Mui 200x250



Name : Dr Horace Mui
Department : Department of Building Environment and Energy Engineering
Warden Office : Room 1011
Warden Office Tel. : 39962083
Campus Office Tel. : 27665835
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welcome to the CURI Residential College (CURI RC)!

I am Horace Mui, Associate Head and Associate Professor of the Department of Building Services Engineering. Studies and best practices around the world have shown that a sustainable student life depends on different student affairs teams that practice beyond-the-classroom pedagogical approaches, especially in the living environment.  Students can acquire free inquiry-based learning and innovation skills through scholarly activities in a residential environment.

While PolyU’s Student Halls of Residence foster the integration of local and non-local students, the CURI RC provides fertile ground for collaborative learning and joint research beyond the classroom. With a theme of “Achieving Academic and Research Excellence through Inquiry-based Learning”, CURI RC is a living and learning environment that offers dynamic opportunities to facilitate the holistic development of its residents through different theme-based academic and co-curricular activities such as high table dinners, research seminars, inspirational talks, community services and small-scale experimental innovation projects.

Through the warmth, love, sharing and companionship that living together generates, I believe that we, all CURI RC education staff members and student residents, will create a new era of residential education that nurtures creativity, motivates innovation, and encourages the pursuing of lifelong learning.

 COVID-19 pandemic

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, students should take note of the following special arrangements for Off-Campus Housing (OCH):

1) Arrangement of check-in/return from foreign places:

  1. Adhere to the HKSAR Government's testing and quarantine requirementStudents who have not completed the quarantine requirement of the HKSAR Government will not be allowed to enter the student halls and off-campus housing.

  2. Students, who entered Hong Kong via the Return2HK Scheme and are exempted from quarantine, please present the Green QR code generated by the electronic health declaration system of the Department of Health in the process of check-in.

  3. Students, who came from Group A countries (as stipulated by the HKSAR here) and are NOT fully vaccinated, should process check in to OCH after completing both the quarantine and self-monitoring. 

  4. Students who came from Group A countries and are fully vaccinated, or students who came from other countries, may check in to the OCH after the quarantine period.
  5. On the date of your check-in / return, please go to the Hung Hom Halls counter during office hours and:

      1. present the compulsory quarantine order issued by the HKSAR Government;
      2. present the supporting documents of your immigration record in the past 21 days (e.g. inbound travel ticket and entry date to Hong Kong as shown in passport);
      3. present the record of vaccination for verification;
      4. complete a new Travel Declaration and Health Status Form which will be provided onsite.
    Upon receiving and checking all the necessary information, you will receive the room key of the OCH.
  6. In view of the rapid development of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the above procedures may be subject to changes and students are strongly advised to pay special attention to University announcements and check with the Hall Administration again prior to their return.

2) Special arrangements for OCH residents

  1. We strongly encourage all residents to be vaccinated and complete the second jab before 15 August 2021. Residents who choose not to get vaccinated will be required to undergo a weekly COVID-19 PCR test. The first test should be done by 25 August 2021. For the vaccination and testing arrangements, please refer to the University notice here and the UHS announcement of “Details on the Application for On-campus COVID-19 PCR Test and Self-report of Vaccination Status”.

  2. Starting from 25 Aug., 2021, students, who do not declare their vaccination status, or do not submit their weekly test result in time, will not be allowed to check into the OCH. Residents in the above situations will be subject to disciplinary actions, and may not be allowed to enter the OCH premises due to health and safety concerns.

  3. Under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap 599J), individuals may be required to undergo testing under the Government’s compulsory testing notice for specified premises and high risk or high exposure groups or required by a medical practitioner’s compulsory testing direction. In this connection, residents who are subject to the compulsory testing requirement should not return to OCH until the testing result is available and confirmed negative. 

    Besides, students should report their cases to the Hall Administration as soon as possible.

  4. Students with home-mates undergoing mandatory self-quarantine in Hong Kong should report their situation to the Hall Administration and undertake self-quarantine during the quarantine period of their home-mates. The concerned students shall not be allowed to come back to OCH during the quarantine period.

  5. For public health concerns, all students are required to:

    1. wear a face mask in the communal areas on the OCH premises and when interacting with others inside student rooms/suites;
    2. strictly observe the social distancing measures and HKSAR government’s regulation on prohibition of group gatherings, in both communal areas and student rooms/suites;
    3. avoid any gathering for food or drinks;
    4. check body temperature at OCH entrance (students with high temperature will not be permitted to enter OCH for the safety of other residents).
  6. Visiting arrangement of non-residents is temporarily suspended until further notice. 

  7. Group gatherings, except those have been approved by Hall Administration, in the communal areas of OCH are restricted to FOUR persons.

  8. All forms of non-essential face-to-face interactions are suspended until further notice.

  9. If you are feeling unwell, present with fever or respiratory symptoms, please:

    1. consult a doctor immediately, inform the doctor of your recent travel history, if any;
    2. wear a surgical mask to help prevent the spread of disease;
    3. refrain from attending classes or activities, avoid going to crowded places; and
    4. inform the Hall Administration at 3159 0000 (Hung Hom Halls) immediately.

Failure to comply with the above special arrangements may result in disciplinary actions as deemed necessary.

3) Health Tips from the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health

  1. To prevent pneumonia and respiratory tract infection, you are strongly advised to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene:

    1. Wash hands frequently with liquid soap and water, especially before touching the mouth, nose or eyes, or after touching public installations such as handrails or door knobs;
    2. When hands are not visibly soiled, clean them with 70 - 80% alcohol-based handrub as an effective alternative;
    3. Cover nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, and wash hands thoroughly afterwards;
    4. Dispose of soiled tissue paper properly in a lidded rubbish bin; and
    5. Maintain good indoor ventilation.
  2. You should also be mindful of the health advice below whether you are in or outside Hong Kong:

    1. If you are returning from affected areas, self-monitoring of body temperature and wearing surgical masks for 21 days are strongly advised.
    2. Avoid touching animals, poultry/birds or their droppings.
    3. Avoid visiting wet markets, live poultry markets or farms.
    4. Avoid making close contact with patients, especially those with symptoms of acute respiratory infections.
    5. Adhere to food safety and hygiene rules such as avoiding consuming raw or undercooked animal products, including milk, eggs and meat, or foods which may be contaminated by animal secretions, excretions (such as urine) or contaminated products, unless they have been properly cooked, washed or peeled.

PHWprevention infographic en 1

For more information and health advices, please refer to the CHP website.

A) Background

To provide students with a living and learning environment conducive to academic excellence and research pursuits, Green Hall of Student Halls of Residence (Homantin) will be converted into CURI Residential College (CURI RC) with a theme of “Achieving Academic and Research Excellence through Inquiry-based Learning” starting from Academic Year 2021/22.

Residents of the CURI RC shall be governed by the rules and regulations of Homantin Halls unless otherwise specified.

B) College Goals

The CURI RC is set up with the following goals:

  • Provide dynamic opportunities for residents to pursue academic and research excellence, and holistic personal growth

  • Offer opportunities for residents to nurture creativity and innovation, as well as to enhance their awareness/experience on entrepreneurship

  • Offer support to residents during various transitions that students encounter (i.e. from high school to university study and study to work)

  • Strengthen inquiry-based learning among residents through various theme-based experimental learning activities

  • Prepare students for research studies and lifelong learning

C) College Programme

The CURI RC will provide various programmes and platforms to cultivate and strengthen inquiry-based learning. Residents can pursue academic and research explorations, and at the same time have opportunities for whole-person development, through participating in a wide range of programmes and activities, such as peer tutoring programme, inspirational seminars and talks, dialogue with Professors/innovators/entrepreneurs, and various intercultural activities.

D) Admission Criteria for the CURI RC

  1. On top of the normal hall admission policies, please note the following special admission criteria for the CURI RC:

    • Priority will be given to applicants, who have successfully enrolled in the Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scheme (URIS).

    • Current students are required to attain a CGPA ≥ 2.7 and have not been served any final warning in hall. 

    • Freshmen with good admission scores will be favorably considered.

    • Interview of applicants may be required.

  2. CURI RC residents may apply for readmission for the following year and the result will be subject to their participation and contribution to the CURI RC. Readmission criteria and details will be announced in due course.

  3. The Hall Admission Committee (HAC) reserves the right to make the final decision on hall admission issues in case of any dispute.

For further questions about the CURI RC and the admission issues, please contact the Hall Administration by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Student Halls of Residence strive to provide our students with a safe, pleasant, supportive and nurturing living-learning environment conducive to academic success and personal growth, thus enabling them to prepare for a challenging future. To facilitate residents from diverse backgrounds to live harmoniously in this vibrant community, all who choose to stay in the Halls must comply with the hall regulations and policies, respect personal differences and the rights of other people, as well as taking up their share of responsibility.

I have read carefully and understand thoroughly the following terms. Upon signing this Student Code of Conduct, I agree to abide by all the following terms.

  1. I understand that committing serious offences or repetitive offences could result in consequences below:
    1. Immediate termination of residency without warning.
    2. Forfeiture of remaining hall lodging fees.
    3. All future application to any University-managed accommodation (referred to as ‘UMA’ herein), including the Student Halls and Off-campus Housing, during my study in PolyU will not be processed.
    4. Withdrawal of UMA offer for the immediate summer residence and the next academic year, if any.
    5. Access to UMA is not allowed.
  2. I shall follow the special arrangements implemented in hall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. I shall not visit or stay in any suites/rooms of the opposite sex or let any visitor of the opposite sex stay in my suite/room between 00:00 and 07:00. I understand that violation of this regulation could result in consequences as stated above at point 1.
  4. I shall properly use my PolyU card in accordance with hall security and safety regulations. I shall neither lend/borrow PolyU cards to/from other persons nor allow outsiders to enter the Student Halls.
  5. I understand that the following behaviors are prohibited as stipulated in Hall Regulations:
    1. Change/swap room without going through the proper application and approval procedures.
    2. Bring in visitors without going through the proper visitor registration procedures, or without accompanying/escorting the visitors throughout the visit/stay in hall.
    3. Tamper any devices with a view to having free provision of air-conditioning in student rooms.
  6. I understand that if I breach the rules and regulations or commit an offence in another hall building or in the Off-campus Housing as a visitor, I shall be subject to the same disciplinary actions for the residents there.
  7. I shall participate actively in the Fire Drill and evacuate from the Student Halls as per the instruction given during the Fire Drill.
  8. I shall respect the rights, privacy, cultural and personal differences of other residents regardless of their gender, age, background, race or ethnicity, religion and personal traits.
  9. I shall strive to ensuring a pleasant living environment by maintaining a good standard of hygiene, refraining from smoking, storing personal belongings in communal areas or making a nuisance to other students, and not bringing any dangerous drug or alcoholic drinks onto hall premises.
  10. I shall practice high standard of personal hygiene, including but not limited to common toilet hygiene measures and wearing a mask when feeling unwell or during the time of outbreak or surge of infectious disease, etc.
  11. I shall comply with all rules and arrangements which strive to uphold and maintain the health and safety of the hall community.
  12. I understand and agree to comply with all Hall Regulations, Policy and Terms and Conditions of hall residence stipulated on the hall homepage.