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Student Affairs Office (SAO) provides general advising and support to all student organisations. To facilitate the development of student organisations and societies, SAO hosts various trainings, workshops and global learning trips for student organisations and societies in the areas of student organisation management and leadership development. SAO is more than happy to provide guidance and assistance to student organisations and societies when needed. Please contact us through email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Students’ Union and its affiliated clubs/societies

The Students’ Union (HKPUSU) is an official student organisation representing full-time undergraduate and sub-degree students in PolyU. The University provides resources and advice to support the HKPUSU and its sub-organisations to provide extracurricular activities that help enrich campus life and develop students’ all-round capabilities.

As a member of the HKPUSU, you will have the privilege to enjoy activities and benefits offered by your Faculty/School Student Association and departmental student society/course’s student club:

  • Faculty of Applied Science and Textiles Students’ Association (FASTSA);
  • Faculty of Business Students’ Association (FBSA);
  • Faculty of Construction and Environment Students’ Association (FCESA);
  • Engineering Students’ Association (ESA);
  • Faculty of Health and Social Sciences Students’ Association (FHSSSA);
  • Faculty of Humanities Students’ Association (FHSA);
  • School of Design Students’ Association (SDSA); and
  • School of Hotel and Tourism Management Students’ Association (SHTMSA).

The offices of the Union Judicial Council, the Union Council, the Executive Committee, the Press Committee, Faculty/School Students’ Associations and affiliated clubs are located on the third floor of the Shaw Amenities Building.

Find out more about the HKPUSU from the Student Handbook published by the Academic Registry. Stay connected with your Students’ Union through its Facebook page.

HKPUSU Facebook:

HKPUSU Website:


Affiliated Clubs/Societies


HKPUSU members are eligible to join all the interest clubs affiliated with the HKPUSU. Some international or regional clubs or societies have set up a student branch at PolyU and they are registered under the HKPUSU with exemption of affiliation.

Arts Division

  • Chinese Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Dance Society
  • Drama Club
  • Music Society
  • Orchestra
  • The PolyArts

Recreational Division

  • Astronomy Club
  • Chess and Boardgames Club
  • Excursion & Travel Affairs Association
  • Mahjong Society
  • Photographic Society

Cultural Division

  • Campus Crusade for Christ
  • Cartoons Art Society
  • Catholic Students' Society
  • Chinese Mainland Students’ Association
  • Christian Band
  • Christian Choir
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Social Service Group
  • South Asian Society

Sports Division

  • Archery Club
  • Iai Kenjutsu Club
  • Judo Club
  • Karatedo Club
  • Polytennis Club
  • PolyVolley Club
  • Red Castle Softball Club
  • Rowing Club
  • Taekwondo Club

Clubs / societies registered under HKPUSU with exemption of affiliation

  • Campus YMCA of PolyU
  • Toastmasters Club
  • Zonta Club of Kowloon Golden Z Club

Relationship between PolyU and HKPUSU

  1. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students' Union ("HKPUSU") is a separate body from the university (PolyU), and HKPUSU is not part of the PolyU structure. 
  2. Whether you choose to be a member of the HKPUSU does not in any way affect your programme registration or study in PolyU.
  3. By paying the HKPUSU Entrance Fee, a fee which is applicable to first time registration of new members, and the Annual Subscription Fee which may be varied by the HKPUSU from time to time ("HKPUSU Fee"), you confirm that you agree to the terms of this Disclaimer and you voluntarily agree to be a member of the HKPUSU and be bound by its constitution, rules and by-laws.  Your rights and obligations as a member of the HKPUSU are governed by its constitution, rules and by-laws.  You may find out more about the membership privileges of HKPUSU from its official website at
  4. PolyU is assisting HKPUSU to collect the HKPUSU Fee on a voluntary and gratuitous basis   only and does not assume any responsibility or liability towards you in respect of the said fees. PolyU does not in any way represent the HKPUSU and shall not be held responsible for any acts or omissions of the HKPUSU.
  5. In paying the HKPUSU Fee to the PolyU, you agree to waive any or all claim you have or may have against the PolyU in respect of the said fees. The University is not responsible and has no liability for the finance of the HKPUSU. 
  6. The HKPUSU Fee payment advice has been made available in the Student Account Enquiry System at  

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Non-local Student Associations affiliated under Student Affairs Office

PolyU is dedicated to the promotion of multicultural student integration and exchange on campus as well as helping non-local students to adapt to both local and campus life. A range of diversified services including orientation and familiarization programmes, language enhancement programmes, cultural exchange and social events, adjustment support, mentoring and peer support schemes, are provided to better support our non-local students.

Apart from above, with the support from Student Affairs Office (SAO), a number of non-local student-initiated associations have been established and are affiliated under SAO to engage and serve the non-local student community. Non-local student associations not only provide a platform for non-local students to communicate and share their university experience with each other but also act as a bridging role between the local and non-local students through collaboration with HKPUSU and organising activities that facilitate local and non-local student integration. Extracurricular activities offered by these non-local student associations / jointly with HKPUSU and/or other university external stakeholders help foster cross-cultural friendships and exchange of ideas, contributing to a caring and fulfilling campus life to all students. Currently, affiliated under SAO we have the following non-local student associations:

  • International Student Association
  • Qazaq Student Association
  • Korean Student Association
  • Indonesian Student Association
  • Malaysian Student Association
  • Taiwanese Student Association

Click this link for their contact details.

Leadership Programme for Office-bearers of Student Organisations

A series of student development programmes are organised for current and prospective office-bearers of various student organisations. The training contents are specifically designed to enable participants to acquire skills they need to exercise their duties.

  • Leadership qualities in student organisations
  • Change management
  • Creative thinking
  • How to win others’ support
  • Team building

Student workshops are offered to enhance communication and presentation skills for student who served in University Committees.

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