The Global Learning Fund is set up to support student-initiated global experience that is beneficial for students to

  • enhance their worldwide exposure and broaden their global perspectives
  • promote cross-ethnic and cross-culture understanding, thus facilitating internationalisation within the campus

Under normal circumstances, the Fund is meant to subsidise part of the expenses in flight/train, accommodation, and meals during their non-credit–bearing learning trips / activities in the Chinese mainland or overseas. The applicants are required to bear on their own the rest of the expenses incurred in the trip.

To enrich global experience during the COVID-19 pandemic when off-shore learning trips are not encouraged for the sake of students’ health and safety, the Fund will also support global learning activities initiated by students through online platforms. The Fund may subsidise part of the expenses incurred from registration / participation fees.  Without going abroad physically, students may design / take part in online conferences, seminars, courses and competitions that are non-credit-bearing and also not part of curriculum requirements. 

Application Timeline


Application Deadline

Activity Period

1st round

3 February 2021

July 2020 – January 2021

2nd round

14 April 2021

February – June 2021


Guidelines and Application form