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GSAP participants who have successfully completed the Community Learning Project at Level 2 will reach the final level and become “Honoured Ambassadors” (HAs). Participants are supposed to act as the role models and demonstrate a high level of awareness and capabilities in taking initiatives to promote internationalisation ad integration. They will also perform as leaders / speakers / representatives in GSAP / the Student Affairs Office / PolyU functions.

At this Level, HAs are given the precious opportunities to receive guidance from Senior Executives, and work out their self-initiated Global Exploration Projects, addressing the global challenges highlighted in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations which aim to transform our world. The project can take place in Hong Kong and/or other regions, with a post-project plan on campus to share the learning outcomes with the PolyU community.

Global Exploration Projects


  • Inspire HAs to turn their concerns into concrete plans and actions through experiential learning and global engagement.
  • Support HAs to work out their self-initiated Global Exploration Projects through good synergy with teammates and other stakeholders in the global community.

Encourage HAs to demonstrate a high level of global awareness and capabilities in taking initiatives to promote internationalisation and integration.

fundingFunding Support


  • HK$80,000 per project at maximum, depending on project scale, duration, impact etc.


  • Only team projects will be accepted.
  • Each project team should consist of 2 to 4 Honoured Ambassadors.
  • The project must be non-credit-bearing / non-course required.

Project Categories

Projects should address either one of the following Challenges:


Selection Criteria

Criteria for selection include the proposed project’s objectives, level of innovation, viability and expected impact of the project.

  • Relevance to the objectives
  • A clear and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) project plan that is innovative and sustainable
  • A clear and realistic budget that directly relates to the costs of delivering the project plan
  • Project impact in terms of scope, magnitude, significance
  • Members should state clearly the work distribution in the proposal
  • Post-project plan for sharing the outcomes and impacts with the PolyU community


trainingPre-project Training

Workshops and Mentorship will be provided to further improve the global ambassadorship, communication and interpersonal skills of Honoured Ambassadors (HAs). Group discussions will be facilitated by experienced mentors.

Workshops (3 hours each) 

Students will be invited to attend 4 workshops:

  1. Personality Difference and Teamwork
  • Understand diverse behavioural styles and appreciate differences
  • Develop confidence to influence others through personal growth
  • Understand team roles and connect effectively with different collaborators
  • Develop effective skills to work with teams in international settings
  1. Global Leadership
  • Understand the roles and principles of an effective leader
  • How to solve problems based on serving real needs
  • How to influence others for the common good (social responsibility) and help others to succeed based on the attitude of other-centeredness
  • Importance of trust and integrity for ambassadors
  • How to develop trust and build an effective relationship with different stakeholders
  1. Communication and Conflict Management
  • How to communicate effectively in cross-cultural settings
  • How to be culturally-sensitive influencers with a global mind-set
  • How to drive communication with positive values; Understand the nature of conflicts and how to resolve conflicts
  1. Service Design and Project Management
  • Observe and serve community needs with creativity
  • Positively influence international communities through teamwork and project management
  • Applying effective project management tools 


coachingCoaching for Project Development & implementation

Further project coaching and supervision will be provided to assist HAs to manage their projects and apply what they have learnt into practice. Mentors will meet with student groups regularly (5 times in Fall Semester 2020, one mentor per project).



 The outstanding Global Exploration Projects will have the chance to be further competed with Awards.


(In view of the development regarding the novel coronavirus, overseas activities are suspended until further notice and some of the activities may be conducted online)