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  • Candidates successfully passed the interview

At this level, Trainee Ambassadors (TAs) are expected to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge, skills, values and experience that will prepare them to be qualified global student ambassadors of PolyU.


Establishment of Portfolio

TAs are required to establish a portfolio containing the following components:


A. Serving PolyU

  • Students’ experience in providing voluntary service to PolyU will be counted.

Nature of Service

  • Non-course required
  • Non-credit-bearing
  • Non-paid

Categories of Service

  • Voluntary helpers serving in PolyU events / activities
  • Voluntary helpers serving PolyU departments / units
  • Voluntary helpers serving in activities organised by student associations under the supervision of SAO
  • Voluntary helpers serving in recognised activities offered by Uni-Y (PolyU)

B. Knowing PolyU

Students should join at least one of the following activities to know more about PolyU:

  • Visit to the Diversity Resource Centre
  • Visit to the Jockey Club Smart Aging Hub
  • Visit to the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics (LSGI) utility lab
  • Visit to the Library
  • Departmental sharing sessions (e.g. Campus Sustainability Office (CSO), Service Learning, etc)
  • Visit to SHTM and Hotel ICON

* In view of the development of the novel coronavirus, the above activities may be conducted online.

C. Training and Activities for Whole-person Development

   Students can join at least one of the following activities:

  • Approved Global Volunteer Programme offered by AIESEC-LC-PolyU
  • Recognised overseas activities offered by Uni-Y ® (PolyU)
  • Recognised local activities offered by AIESEC-LC-PolyU / Uni-Y ® (PolyU)
  • Talk: The Way to Ambassadorial Success
  • Corporate Event Etiquette + Wine Tasting + Lunch offered by SHTM
  • Emcee Training
  • Dean of Students Talk Series
  • ICAC Ambassador Programme
  • Any other training / activities approved by the Student Affairs Office


subsidyGlobal Awareness Development Subsidy



  • Encourage GSAP members to diversify their local and non-local learning opportunities in terms of global awareness development
  • Encourage GSAP participants to become open-minded and responsible global citizens with a sense of belonging to a world community and concerns about global issues within / beyond Hong Kong
  • Enrich GSAP members’ holistic development and personal growth



GSAP members will be entitled to receiving subsidies for participating in the following local/ overseas activities*:

  • Approved Global Volunteer Programme offered by AIESEC-LC-PolyU
  • Recognised overseas activities offered by Uni-Y ® (PolyU)
  • Recognised local activities offered by AIESEC-LC-PolyU / Uni-Y ® (PolyU)


  • A GSAP member can participate in more than one of the above activities, but he/she is only allowed to submit ONE such activity for subsidy application during his/her study at PolyU.
  • While the application for the Subsidy is open to all GSAP members, priority to receive funding will be given to Trainee Ambassadors (TAs).




  Subsidy (Up to)

Africa / Australia / America / Europe / Middle East


Korea / Japan / Singapore


Outside Guangdong / Other parts of Asia


Within Guangdong / Macau


Hong Kong




Applicants must meet all the following criteria:-

GSAP Membership

Applicants must be non-final year full-time UGC funded undergraduates who have joined GSAP

*Non-GSAP members are required to complete ambassadorship application before applying for the Fund ( Click HERE to apply )

Academic Performance

Accumulative GPA of 2.5 or above


Free of disciplinary records in PolyU and Student Halls


  • The above schedule is subject to review and change.
  • Only pre-activity application will be accepted.
  • Ad hoc applications may also be considered under exceptional circumstances, subject to fund availability and the discretion of the GSAP Committee.
  • Successful applicants will be required to fulfil certain requirements, including completion of Component A (Serving PolyU) or Component B (Knowing PolyU).


(* In view of the development regarding the novel coronavirus, subsidies of the overseas activities are suspended until further notice.)