about wie

Upholding the motto “To Learn and to Apply, for the Benefit of Mankind”, PolyU places great importance on practical training and connecting classroom theory with workplace application.

PolyU is the first tertiary institution in Hong Kong to include a mandatory Work-Integrated Education (WIE) component into the undergraduate curriculum. Launched in 2005, this pioneering initiative aims to facilitate the students’ all-round development and enhance their professional competence so that they could excel in the ever-changing and increasingly competitive business environment.

Types of WIE Internships

A WIE internship can be sourced via the student's department or CPS, or by him/herself. It can be full-time, part-time, or temporary as long as the WIE requirements of the department are satisfied.

Local WIE

Each year, the HKSAR Government and the local private sectors offer a wide array of internship opportunities. In 2018/19, around 4,000 students participated in Local WIE programmes. For non-local students who wish to take up local WIE internships, click HERE for the points to note.

Mainland WIE

It provides a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the Chinese mainland's fast-growing economy, which has much influence in today’s business world. In 2018/19, over 800 students participated in Mainland WIE programmes.

International WIE

It provides students with overseas working experience as well as a chance to immerse in every aspect of a foreign country. In 2018/19, over 400 students participated in International WIE programmes.

Students who want to find internship at external organisation should make sure that their department approve the internship's suitability for fulfilling the WIE requirements.

Support for Fulfilling WIE

WIE Ambassador Programme

Launched in 2013, the WIE Ambassador Programme serves to:

  • recognise the leadership potential of the outstanding students in CPS WIE programmes; and
  • encourage students’ involvement through providing a platform for them to improve their employability.

WIE Ambassadors act as the “spokespersons” for WIE programmes at the promotional events organised by CPS. They will share their valuable experience and tips with prospective WIE participants.

WIE Mentorship Programme

As an extension of the WIE Ambassador Programme, WIE Ambassadors are invited to become WIE Mentors to:

  • further enhance their leadership capabilities through engaging them in the planning and arrangements for future WIE trips;
  • provide job shadowing and support to junior students in their summer internships; and
  • assist in managing and developing the WIE Ambassador Programme.

Pre-WIE Training

CPS organises pre-WIE training and pre-departure training to help students get prepared for their WIE internships.

Pre-WIE Training

Conducted before the commencement of WIE internships, the pre-WIE training helps students make the most out of their internship experiences. Topics include:

  • setting objectives for internship;
  • enhancing workplace skills and work attitude; and
  • knowing business attire and etiquette.

All students who are about to start their WIE internship will be invited to attend the training.

Pre-departure Training

All students who are about to start their Mainland WIE or International WIE internship will be invited to attend the training. Topics include:

  • preparation for travel;
  • outbound travel tips and advice;
  • cultural differences; and
  • WIE kick-off ceremony.

Other Training Workshops

During each academic year, CPS offers a wide variety of career development programmes which are useful for internship placements.

For details of WIE implementation and programmes, please visit our WIE website.