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The National Wellness Institute (NWI) bases its definition of wellness on the Six Dimensions of Wellness model. At the core of its theory is that an individual needs to be healthy in the following six areas in order to lead a successful existence:

six dim

Our logo is made up of six "W"s, with each "W' representing one of the above dimensions of wellness. SAO aims to help each and every one of you to develop positive wellness in all these six dimensions.


Occupational wellness

It is about personal satisfaction and enrichment in one's life through work. It is usually better if you choose a career that is consistent with your personal values, beliefs and interests. One of SAO’s tasks is to help you discover what you are most passionate about and believe in doing as a career and then facilitate you to go along that path, so that you will be happy and proud of what you do.

Physical wellness

It is about the need for regular physical activity, a healthy diet and an avoidance of what is unhealthy for you. SAO aims to empower you to become personally responsible for your own health, so that you can enjoy your life at PolyU and beyond to the fullest.

Social wellness

It is about contributing to the wellbeing of your environment and community. SAO hopes to see each and every one of you initiating more communication with those around you and building up better relationships with family and friends.

Intellectual wellness

It is about the need for creative, stimulating mental activities. SAO plans to challenge you by presenting you with various opportunities to participate in creative endeavours.

Spiritual wellness

It is about our search for meaning and purpose in human existence. An indicator of whether we are spiritually well is whether our actions are consistent with our beliefs and values. What SAO hopes to do is to help your actions align with the core of who you are. 

Emotional wellness

It is about awareness and acceptance of one's feelings. SAO hopes to help you grow into an emotionally matured person capable of managing your own emotions, knowing your own limitations, coping effectively with stress and maintaining a good relationship with others.