Multi-Disciplinary Research in Focus Areas

Strategic Focus Areas
The Research Institute for Sustainable Urban Development (RISUD) established a new funding scheme, namely the Strategic Focus Area (SFA) Scheme in 2016 to provide funding support for the second stage of development of RISUD. The Scheme aims to support the emergence/growth of a significant number of focus areas of strategic importance which are well aligned with the mission of RISUD. The strategic focus areas (SFAs) are now the main vehicle through which RISUD delivers its research as well as its collaborative and scholarly activities.

The selection of proposals for funding consists of two main steps as follows. Principal Investigators (PIs) of the SFA proposals are first invited to give presentations to the Executive Committee (EXCO) of RISUD for short-listing and improvement of proposals. PIs and team members of selected proposals are then invited to make presentations of improved proposals at RISUD Research Salons, at which all PolyU researchers are welcome to participate to contribute thoughts to these research initiatives.

The 10 funded SFAs are listed as follows:

  1. Industrialization of Building Construction [News Article]
  2. Offshore Wind Power Generation [News Article]
  3. Robotics for Urban Infrastructure [News Article]
  4. Smart Energy Efficient and Grid-Responsive Buildings
    [News Article] [2nd News Article]
  5. Smart Utilities [News Article]
  6. Urban Air Pollution and Health [News Article]
  7. Urban Ecology [News Article]
  8. Urban Water Management [News Article] [2nd News Article]
  9. Very Large Floating Structures [News Article]
  10. Urban Simulation