Aim of the Conference

Massive urbanization programmes are under way in many parts of the world, often in regions where the available land and resources are limited relative to the size of the population (e.g. the Chinese mainland). While urbanization is a natural consequence of economic development and industrialization, it does lead to many challenges. Such challenges include the provision of effective urban infrastructures (e.g. transport systems), adequate housing, sufficient energy and water supplies, a clean environment, and caring community support systems in a sustainable manner. These challenges are amplified by the severe problems already faced by the world, including climate changes and limited supplies of natural resources. This conference series aims to provide an international forum for the international scientific/engineering community to examine these challenges and to find effective solutions to ensure a sustainable process of urbanization and sustainable operation and management of urbanized areas.


Scope of the Conference

This conference, being the second conference of the ICSU series, will comprise plenary keynote presentations and five distinct symposia focused on five important themes related to the sustainable development, operation and management of urban areas. Submissions related to these themes as explained below are invited. Authors are given the options of submitting only abstracts or abstracts plus full papers. All submissions will be peer-reviewed for possible inclusion in the conference program and the conference proceedings.