International Executive Committee Members


Prof. FWA T.F. (Chairman)
National University of Singapore
Prof. CHAI Gary
Griffith University
Prof. CHEN Jingyun
Dalian University of Technology
Dr. CHEN Shi-Huang
National Central University
Dr. HACHIYA Yoshitaka
Fujita Raod Constrcution Co., Ltd
Prof. HAININ Mohd Rosli
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Dr. HIEP Dinh Van
Vietnam National University of Civil Engineering
Dr. HOQUE Zahidul
Monash University
Prof. HUANG Wei-Hsing
National Central University
Prof. JAIN S. S.
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Prof. KANITPONG Kunnawee
Asian Institute of Technology
Prof. KIM Kwang W.
Kangwon National Univeristy
Prof. LEE David Hosin
Univeristy of Iowa
Dr. LEE Kelvin
Samwoh Corporation Pte Ltd
Prof. LEE K. Wayne
Univeristy of Rhode Island
Dr. LENG Zhen
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Prof. LIN Jyh-Dong
National Central University
Dr. LOW Boon Hwee
Ley Choon Group Holdings Limited
Prof. PARK Taeson
National University of Technology
Prof. REDDY K. S.
Indian Institute of Technology
Chulalongkorn University
Prof. SARAVUT Jaritngam
Prince of Songkla University
Prof. SETIADJI Bagus H.
Diponegoro University
Dr. TAN Hua Soon
Pavement Engineering Society Singapore
Kitami Institute of Technology
Dr. WANG Yuhong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Prof. YOU Zhanping
Michigan Technological University


ICPT & ICPT Conferences


The International Committee on Pavement Technology (ICPT) is a non-profit non-governmental organization hosted by the Centre for Transportation Research of the National University of Singapore. The ICPT was established in 1992 under an agreement between the Centre for Transportation Research, National University of Singapore, and the Pavement Engineering Society (Singapore). The permanent secretariat of the ICPT is hosted by the Centre for Transportation Research, National University of Singapore.

The objectives of ICPT is to promote pavement technological advancement worldwide, with special emphasis in pavement technological development in developing countries, by encouraging exchange and transfer of pavement technology among professionals and researchers of different countries and regions, through organizing technology transfer activities such as international conferences.

The first ICPT conference was held in Singapore in 1993 as a Southeast Asian regional event focusing on pavement construction and maintenance technology. This event received highly encouraging response from 6 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and Singapore. It was the success and positive experience of the first conference that led to the decision to launch the ICPT series of international conferences, formally known as the International Conference on Road & Airfield Pavement Technology. It is the intention of ICPT to hold the ICPT conferences in East Asia so as to benefit the professionals in countries of this region. By organizing the conferences, with papers from this region as well as North America, Europe and other parts of the world, it helps to promote pavement engineering R&D in this part of the world.


Summary of Previous ICPT Conferences


Conference Venue & Date
Numbers of Papers/ Countries/ Participants
Keynote Speakers
1st ICPT Singapore
30-31 March 1993
Dr. M. Ramatullah, UN
2nd ICPT Singapore
27-29 September 1995
Prof. Ralph Haas, Canada;
Dr. George W. Hammitt, USA;
Mr. Bruce Rodway, Australia;
Mr. Toshiyuki Nakamura, Japan
3rd ICPT Beijing, China
28-30 April 1998
Prof. Stephan Brown, U.K.;
Prof. T. F. Fwa, Singapore;
Mr. Qinglin Sha, China
4th ICPT Kunming, China
23-25 April 2000
Prof. K. C. Sinha, USA;
Dr Satish Agrawa, USA;
Prof. Kazuo Saito, Japan
5th ICPT Seoul, Korea
10-12 May 2005
Prof. Ray Brown, USA;
Dr. Per Ullidtz, Denmark;
Mr. Mareyuki Mishima, Japan
6th ICPT Sapporo, Japan
20-23 July 2008
Prof. Hervé di Benedetto, France;
Prof. Kunihito Matsui, Japan
7th ICPT Bangkok, Thailand
3-5 August 2011
Prof. Gilbert Baladi, USA;
Prof. Akira Kawamura, Japan;
Prof. Youngsoo Kim, USA
8th ICPT Taipei, Taiwan
15-18 July 2013
Prof. Musharraf Zaman, USA;
Dr. Shiraz Tayabji, USA;
Prof. Aimin Sha, China;
Prof. Manfred Partl, Sweden
9th ICPT Dalian, China
10-14 August 2015
Dr. Geoggrey M. Rowe, USA;
Mr. Jeffrey Gagnon, USA;
Mr. Weilin Zhuang, China