Recently, the Hebei Province is actively developing the Xiong’an New District with an aim to turning it into an international city of high technology industries. Capitalising on its multidisciplinary expertise, PolyU can translate its research results into applications to support industrial transformation and upgrade in Hebei Province.


On 11 April, PolyU and Hebei Province entered into an agreement to enhance their cooperation in nurturing talents, exchanges and collaboration, teaching practices, student internships as well as advancing technology and industrial development particularly in the areas of engineering materials, food safety, bioengineering technologies etc.


In addition, Hebei Province will designate outstanding personnel from institutions, enterprises and science and technology units to study at PolyU, and provide internship opportunities to PolyU students in the Xiong’an New District. The University’s scholars will also offer consulting and training services in Hebei. Details>>