Innovative solutions for our ageing population

Team Sorgen, Singapore
Bronze Award Winner (University Division), 2015

Ageing populations will affect every developing country, especially in Asia. This is the market trend companies need to face in order to be successful. Team Sorgen from Singapore aims to develop innovations for the silver generation.

Sorgen plans to launch a series of intelligent walking frames with GlydeSafe Wheels. The key problem the elderly face when using the conventional walking frames is that they have to lift the frame with every step they take  - which proves to be strenuous and hazardous in the long run. Furthermore, such frames do not have a feature that ensures safety. With Sorgen’s product, GlydeSafe, the user would only need to glide their frame, completely eliminating the need for lifting. It also aids the elderly with every step, as it acts as a supporting device as well. 

GlydeSafe has already won the Gold Award in the IES (Institute of Engineers) Design Awards of Devices for Elderly and Handicapped in Singapore. It also bagged the 2nd runner up in the international i-CREATe competition in Shanghai.

“The international panel of advisors and mentors caught our interest when reading about the Global Student Challenge. We knew that developing a product and commercializing it means taking it global. Participating in GSC challenged us to think globally and always set our minds on things bigger than what we can see at the moment,” said the founder of Sorgen, Serene Tam. 

Talking about the company´s future plans, Tam added: “We are actively participating in international healthcare tradeshows and moving towards global expansion. Therefore we are actively working on overseas distributorships. We already have 4 main distributors in Singapore, but this is not the limit”.

Advice that Tam would give to students who wish to walk the same path is: “Make the world a better place in every little way you can. But you have to take the first step, and don’t settle for mediocrity”.