Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

Reference is made to the web content accessibility requirements when the PolyU GSC is designing its website in order to cater to the needs of different people. 

As this website contains considerable multi-media contents, it is not possible to ensure that such multi-media contents comply with all the web content accessibility requirements. Nonetheless, these multi-media contents are so located as not to hinder the access by users to the significant contents of this website.

Browsers version

This website is best viewed in Chrome 28.0 or above, Firefox 22.0 or above, Internet Explorer 9.0 or above and Safari 5.0 or above.

Font size

Three levels of font size are available for users to adjust the view of the text content of this website. This facilitates users with special needs to read the content more clearly and easily.

Contact us

If you have any enquiries/comments on the accessibility of this website, please contact us at:

Email : polyu.gsc@polyu.edu.hk