Best of the Best Commercial Award


The Best of the Best Commercial Award competition is an optional component of GSC 2017 opened to ALL 40 shortlisted teams at both Secondary School and University Divisions.  This is an excellent opportunity for teams to introduce their innovative and cutting edge product or service to the public prior to the actual competition held in Hong Kong.

This stand-alone competition is a spinoff of GSC, and therefore will not affect teams’ overall results. It represents an additional opportunity for teams to win a separate award.  One winning team from each division will be awarded with a grand prize of US$1,000 at the Gala Ceremony.

All participating teams are required to create a dynamic and catchy 30-second commercial promoting the product or service described in the business plan, and submit it online on or before 4 May 2017 (GMT Time).  One entry may be submitted per team. Late submission will not be considered.  

All entries will be vetted by PolyU, and all approved commercials will be made available on this website for online viewing and voting by the public. The five commercials from each division that generate the greatest number of votes will be entered into the final round. The winning commercial, the “Best of the Best Commercial Award” will be announced at the Gala Ceremony.

Do you have what it takes to be the best of the best? Give us your best 30-second pitch and let the public decide!