About the Challenge

Rules and Regulations

Team eligibility and team composition
  • Each participant is only eligible to enter once in each Challenge. Teams will be disqualified if any team member(s) participate(s) in more than one team.
  • In each division, where applicable, only a maximum of one team per institution will be shortlisted to Semi-Final.
  • No change of team composition will be allowed once the registration process is completed online.
  • All participants are required to abide by the full set of rules and regulations on this website. PolyU reserves the right to disqualify any team that is found in breach of any rule or regulation.
Secondary School Division
  • Three student members (sponsored) who must be full-time secondary school students in Grade 11 or below at the time of the Final in 2017, one of whom will be the team leader.
  • One mentor (non-sponsored) who must be a full-time employee of the school represented by the team.
  • Teams can be comprised of students attending different schools.
University Division
  • Three student members (sponsored) who must be full-time undergraduates pursing their first degree offered by bona fide higher education institutions at the time of the Final competition in June 2017, one of whom will be the team leader.
  • An option to include a 4th student member (non-sponsored) who satisfies the same criteria mentioned above.
  • Mentor (non-sponsored) is optional.
  • Teams can be comprised of students attending different higher education institutions.

Team Leaders : Roles and responsibilities:

Each team must assign a sponsored student member as the team leader. The team leader is responsible for ensuring his/her team members submit all necessary information as requested by PolyU, on or before the stated deadlines. Documents, such as the “Certificate of Participation”, and a copy of the presentation DVD will be sent by post to the team leader for dissemination to his/her team members. S/he will be the key liaison between the team and PolyU throughout the course of the Challenge.

Team Mentors : Roles and responsibilities:

Each team participating in the Secondary School Division must have a mentor, who will act as the guardian of all the student members during the event period (24-30 June 2017). S/he will act as the key liaison between PolyU and student members during the competition from the time the team arrives in Hong Kong until their departure.  S/he will be required to accompany student members to attend the full programme during the event period, and any team whose mentor fails to do so will be considered withdrawn from the Challenge. Ideally, the mentor should also act as the coach for the team, both during the preparation stage of the proposal, as well as in the Final rounds (should the team be shortlisted).

Mentors are optional for teams participating in the University Division.

About your submissions
  • In submitting an entry, the participants acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of the rules and regulations outlined on this website.
  • All submissions must be the team’s original work. Any team found to have committed copyright infringement, plagiarism, and/or intellectual property theft will be disqualified.
  • PolyU reserves the right to disqualify any team whose behavior is deemed to be in violation of the rules and regulations of the competition.
  • All submissions must be in English and currencies used throughout the competition must be in US Dollars only. All submissions must be made via the team login page on or before respective stated deadlines.
  • No amendment/replacement of submissions is allowed once submitted.
  • To ensure fairness, teams must identify themselves using their team names in all submissions including the business plans, executive summaries, presentation files and Best of the Best commercials. The team name should contain no association to the represented institutions. Teams failing to do so will be disqualified.
  • All submissions will be vetted by PolyU. Only those qualified submissions will be forwarded to the judges for assessment. Some submissions may need to be printed for assessment. Therefore, please ensure your submission is legible and clear when printed on A4 sized paper.
  • Ownership of business plans and any related intellectual properties will remain with the submitting teams.
  • While PolyU will take all possible measures to ensure the confidentiality of the business plans, the ultimate responsibility for protecting intellectual property lies with each team. Teams should be aware that their business plans and other submissions in relation to the Challenge may be viewed by PolyU staff, judges, and other personnel (such as copywriters) during the organization of the competition.
  • Some of the personal data obtained for the Challenge will be shared with other PolyU offices and official/appointed travel agents/airlines/insurance companies to make necessary arrangements (e.g. flights, accommodation, etc) for the Challenge.
  • By entering into the competition, each participant automatically agrees to grant PolyU the right to reproduce, disclose or use the submitted materials for its publicity, marketing and other internal purposes.
  • All personal data obtained for the Challenge will be kept for a period of no more than four years under normal circumstances.
  • PolyU reserves the right to modify any aspect of the competition at any time.

Submission requirements:

  • Teams are required to complete and submit the online registration form by 1 November 2016. Each student member and mentor, if applicable, will receive a confirmation email with team login details upon successful registration.
  • All registered teams are required to submit the following documents via the team login page by 1 December 2016 GMT 23:59. Please ensure the correct versions of the requested documents are uploaded as documents cannot be replaced or amended once submitted.
  • The business plan shall not exceed 15 pages, including the table of contents, main content and appendices. Pages submitted beyond the allowed limit will not be awarded extra credit and may not be assessed.
Authorization form
  • For Secondary School Division only.
  • The form should be fully endorsed with a school stamp (or copy of official business card) and signature.
Copies of Student ID cards
  • For University Division only
  • University teams should upload copies of student ID cards for each members.
Project synopsis

150 words

Executive Summary
  • 3 A4 pages
  • Font size: minimum font size 10
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Page margin: 2.5 cm
  • File format: PDF
  • Team name on top right hand corner as header with font size 10 on every page
Business plan
  • 15 A4 pages
  • Font size: minimum font size 10
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Page margin: 2.5 cm
  • File format: PDF
  • Team name on top right hand corner as header with font size 10 on every page
  • Every student member (mentors, if applicable) of all shortlisted teams are required to complete the Personal Details Form by 5 April 2017 GMT 23:59 and Flights, accommodations and insurance Form by 20 Apr 2017 GMT 23:59 via the team login page.
  • Team leaders, on behalf of their respective teams, are required to submit presentation files and required files for entry to the Best of the Best Commercial Award (optional), via the team login page by 20 Apr 2017 GMT 23:59.
Presentation file
  • The Microsoft Powerpoint presentation (2016 version or lower) will be the basis of the presentation. Special font packages not included in the above software will not be allowed. Teams wishing to use other presentation formats must obtain approval from the organizer prior to submitting their entries before the specified deadline.
  • Teams should state clearly which slide(s) has/have embedded files (audio or video), and also submit all embedded files separately by the submission deadline.
  • Teams should submit separate presentation files in PDF format with team name on top right hand corner as header with font size 10 on every page.
Best of the Best Commercial Award (Optional)
  • 40 shortlisted teams wishing to enter the Best of the Best Commercial Award should submit (1) their video, (2) a brief description, and (3) a jpg thumbnail on or before stated deadline.
  • Only one entry may be submitted per team.
  • All qualified videos will be available for public viewing and voting from 15-31 May 2017. The five teams receiving the highest number of votes in each division will be selected for final at the Gala Ceremony.
  • Each commercial:
    - must be a wholly original audio-visual video created by the finalist team based on their own  product/service submitted for the Challenge.
    - must be no more than 30 (thirty) seconds in total running time.
    - must be submitted either as a YouTube link, or in one of the approved video formats listed below (file size must not exceed 30MB).
    - all voice-over narrative and/or on-screen text must be in English.
    - must be intended for family audience viewing and contain only content that, at the sole discretion of the Organizer, is suitable for all persons over the age of 12.
    - must not, at the sole  discretion of the Organizer, contain or involve  any of the following: (i) obscenity, (ii) crude or offensive  pictures, images, shots, language and/or symbols, (iii) derogatory  characterizations of any ethnic, racial, sexual or religious groups, (iv) illegal (e.g., discriminatory, harassing) or inappropriate activity, behavior  or conduct.
    - must not contain any copyrighted works for which the necessary rights have not been obtained.
  • Submitted commercials not meeting all the entry requirements stated above will be disqualified.
Format of video:
Video length: 30 seconds Video format: YouTube link, or in any of the following formats: mov, mp4, mpeg, wmv, avi Video file size: 30MB Brief description: 20 words Thumbnail: Jpeg or jpg format, file size no bigger than 1 MB
  • Finalist teams will have the opportunity to revise their presentation files following a feedback session with international advisors. Team leaders of finalist teams are required to send the revised presentation files, including all embedded audio or video no later than 0900 Hong Kong Time on 28 June 2017. No further amendments will be allowed thereafter. Specifications of presentation files are the same as per the Semi-Final round.
  • The Semi-Final round will take place in a total of 8 classrooms, each with a capacity of 50-80 people, (4 per division) concurrently at PolyU's campus.
  • Presentation order and classroom allocation will be conducted by lot drawing by the Chairman of the GSC 2017 Organizing Committee together with two members of PolyU’s senior management. Such information will be available to shortlisted teams upon arrival in Hong Kong.
  • On the day of the Semi-Final, all shortlisted teams will first assemble in waiting rooms before being escorted to the assigned classroom at the allocated timeslot. Teams not present in the waiting room at the assigned time will be considered withdrawn from the competition, and all costs incurred for sponsored members must be reimbursed to PolyU after the competition.
  • Each team will be given an uninterrupted 15-minute timeslot to present its business plan in front of a panel of judges using the presentation file submitted as per the submission deadline, followed by a 15-minute (maximum) Q&A session.
  • While the team is presenting, entry/exit to/from the classroom is prohibited to avoid disturbance.
  • Other teams will not be allowed to sit in as audience in the classrooms during the Semi-Final round.
  • Presentation files of the shortlisted teams will be available on a computer (Windows PC) linked to a projector screen, which will be readily available for the team’s presentation during the competition. Usage of own laptop(s) and/or amendment of the presentation file on site are NOT allowed.
  • Each team will be provided with a wireless remote control (optional) and at least one hand-held microphone for use in the presentation.
  • To ensure fairness, no Internet access will be provided. Should your presentation file contain any online references, please ensure you capture visuals of these materials in your presentation file.
  • Should teams wish to show/demonstrate their products/services to the panel of judges, they may do so in the form of drawings, photos or videos, etc embedded in their presentation files. Other supplementary means such as prototypes, display units (foamboard, banners, backdrops, etc), as well as smartphones, tablets or alike shall NOT be used during the presentation. All embedded audio or video shall be submitted separately by the stated submission deadline.
  • Should teams wish to pass any additional information to the judging panel after submission of the presentation files, they may produce and distribute paper handouts during the assigned presentation timeslot. All handouts must be submitted to the organizer by email to polyu.gsc@polyu.edu.hk by 9 June 2017 GMT 23:59:59.
  • Teams who address themselves using the name of their institutions during the presentations, or teams names with any association to the name of the represented institution(s), will be penalized. Five marks will be deducted from the total score.
  • Mentors are not allowed to present.
  • No video shooting or photo taking will be allowed during the presentations. PolyU will provide each team with a video of their presentation and photographs subsequent to the competition. Selected photos will be availabe for download from GSC website after the Challenge.


  • Four finalist teams will draw lots after the result announcement to determine their presentation order at the Final.
  • Finals for the Secondary Division will take place at TU201 Cheung On Tak Lecture Theatre. This venue hosts 200 audience members. Each finalist team will present during their assigned timeslot.
  • Finals for the University Division will take place at the Chiang Chen Studio Theatre. This venue hosts just over 200 audience members. All finalist teams will present on stage at their assigned timeslot
  • Non-finalist teams must attend the Final of their respective divisions.
  • The format and rules & regulations will be the same as per the Semi-Final round.
  • Winners shall be announced and awards presented at the Gala Ceremony.
Shortlisted teams
  • Sponsored student members must attend all compulsory activities arranged by PolyU on 24-30 June 2017, and will be required to notify their designated PolyU Student Ambassadors of their whereabouts if they desire to explore the city during his/her free time, provided there are no scheduled activities during such period.
  • For the Secondary School Division, it is compulsory for each team to have one mentor (who must be a full time staff member from the represented school), and such mentor must accompany the shortlisted team to/from Hong Kong on the same flights (at his/her own expense), accompany them from 24-30 June 2017 and attend all programmed activities. Any shortlisted teams in the secondary school division that fail to comply with this requirement will be treated as withdrawn from the Semi-Final.  In the case of joint teams, two options are available: 
    - that both schools will send a mentor to accompany their own students. In this case, two separate authorization forms are required, OR
    - School A and the parents of student(s) from School A will write a letter of consent authorizing School B's mentor to be guardian of student(s) from School A. School B will be required to acknowledge and confirm such arrangements.
  • All mentors of the Secondary School Division and all team leaders of both divisions are required to act as their team’s point of contact with the organizer, and shall bear full responsibility for their respective student participants during the Challenge at all times
  • Flights, accommodation and insurance arrangements:

    Sponsored students*

    Non-sponsored students Mentors of Secondary School Division Mentors of University Division
    Round trip economy class flight tickets to/from your home country, arriving Hong Kong on 24 June 2017 and departing from Hong Kong on 30 June 2017. Tickets are available on the aforementioned dates only and are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable. Own arrangement or via PolyU appointed travel agent; at cost Own arrangement or via PolyU appointed travel agent; at cost;
    must be on the same flights with students
    Own arrangement or via PolyU appointed travel agent; at cost
    Airport transfer from/to Hong Kong International Airport to/from PolyU Student Halls of Residence on 24 & 30 June 2017, respectively. Conditions apply.
    Shared accommodation at PolyU Student Halls of Residence during 24-30 June 2017 (earliest check-in time: 0800 on 24 June 2017; latest check-out time: 1200 on 30 June 2017) PolyU Student Halls with shared bathroom facilities or own arrangement; at cost PolyU Student Halls with shared bathroom facilities or own arrangement; at cost
    Insurance coverage in relation to each team’s travel to/from Hong Kong, and group activities during 24-30 June 2017 Own arrangement; at cost Own arrangement; at cost
    Costs for all programmed activities during 24-30 June 2017 At cost At cost

    ✔ To be arranged and cost covered by PolyU

  • *3 student members in the team will be sponsored by PolyU.
  • Optional 4th student members (non-sponsored) in the University Division who wish to book flights via PolyU’s appointed travel agent should contact the travel agent directly for flight booking and payment arrangement by 20 April 2017 GMT 23:59:59.
  • All mentors who wish to book flights via PolyU’s appointed agent should contact the travel agent directly for flight booking and payment arrangement by 20 April 2017 GMT 23:59:59.
  • All participants of shortlisted teams (sponsored/non-sponsored student members and mentors) will bear full responsibility for his/her own safety at all times during the Challenge. Insurance coverage provided by the organizer to student members applies to the programme activities only.
  • All participants of shortlisted teams will bear all related costs should s/he be required to obtain any form of travel documents (such as visas or passports) for the trip to/from Hong Kong, as well as all costs that may be incurred for local transfers to/from the airports in their home countries.
  • All participants of shortlisted teams must abide by the rules and regulations as set out in the PolyU Student Handbook (where applicable) during their stay on campus.
Distribution of prize monies

Each member of the winning teams will be provided with a consent form following the announcement of the results. Participants must sign and agree upon payment distribution amongst themselves on the spot for PolyU to proceed with necessary arrangements.

For all inquiries regarding the Challenge’s Rules and Regulations, please contact the GSC Project Team at polyu.gsc@polyu.edu.hk.