About the Challenge

Organizing Committee


Prof Angelina YUEN, Vice President of Student and Global Affairs, PolyU


Ms Helena Au, Senior Manager, Global Youth Leadership Institute PolyU

Prof CK Chan, Associate Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Textile, PolyU

Ms Irene Chan, Manager (Special Projects), Alumni Affairs & Development Office, PolyU

Prof Catherine Cheung, Associate Dean, School of Hotel & Tourism Management, PolyU

Prof  XL Ding, Associate Dean (Partnership), Faculty of Construction & Environment , PolyU

Mr Eddie Ho, Senior Manager, Chinese Mainland Affairs Office, PolyU

Dr Pamsy Hui, Associate Dean, Faculty of Business, PolyU

Mr David Joiner, Director, International Affairs Office, PolyU

Ms Freda Kwan, Assistant Academic Secretary, Academic Secretariat, PolyU

Mr Edmond Lam, Assistant Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship, PolyU

Mr Simon Lau, Head, Office of Student Development, PolyU

Dr Alison Lloyd, Director, Institutional Research and Planning, PolyU

Mr Eric Lo, Associate Director, International Affairs Office, PolyU

Ms Corrina Lu, Section Head, Secondary School Relations , PolyU

Ms Tracy Ng, Director, Communication & Public Affairs , PolyU

Mr Stefan Rudolf Sonntag, Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Design, PolyU

Dr Dennis Tay, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities, PolyU

Prof Eric Tsui, Professor, Faculty of Engineering, PolyU

Prof Frances Wong, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health & Social Science, PolyU



Ms Joyce Chan, Senior Manager, International Affairs Office, PolyU