2018/19 Entry Scholarship for the Postgraduate Scheme in Construction and Environment (Programme Code: 04001) - 2nd call

Faculty of Construction and Environment

Entry Scholarship for Postgraduate Scheme in Construction and Environment (04001)

There are some scholarship quotas available from the first call for application for 2018/19 Entry Scholarship which closed on 1 December 2017.

We would like to make a second call for application.  This online Application Form should be submitted by applicants together with all supporting documents on or before 1 March 2018 to Faculty of Construction and Environment.  Applications may not be considered if supporting documents are not submitted or incomplete.

Applicants DON’T re-apply if they had submitted the Entry Scholarship applications in the first call.

Applications received after the deadline of the 2nd call (i.e. 1 March 2018) will only be considered at the discretion of respective Programme Leader and the Committee on Postgraduate Scheme in Construction and Environment.

Application Form (2018/19 cohort)

Please complete this application form in English. Questions marked with a * are required.


       1.      To attract applicants with excellent academic background to apply to programmes of the Postgraduate Scheme in Construction and Environment.



2.     Applicants from reputable universities with outstanding academic results (e.g. First-class honours bachelor’s degree) are invited to submit applications to Faculty of Construction and Environment on or before 1 March 2018 for consideration of award of the Entry Scholarship.  They must produce a valid application number of MSc programme generated from eAdmission and have settled the application fee by 1 March 2018.  Do NOT re-apply if applicants had made submission in the first call for application.


Scholarship Amount and Criteria for Award


Scholarship Amount Criteria  for Award

The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the study of an MSc programme of the Postgraduate Scheme in Construction and Environment, and will be tenable for no more than one academic year (i.e. Semesters 1, 2 and the Summer Term); plus


A subsistence allowance of HK$50,000 for one academic year may be provided to each Scholarship recipient, if he/she studies full-time without full-time employment.

Possess outstanding academic results from a reputable university


Condition for Award

4.      A scholarship holder is entitled to a waiver of the tuition fee of the subjects he/she will study in the first semester, normally not more than 5 subjects.  The continuation of the scholarship in the second semester will depend on the results the students have achieved in the first semester. The cumulative GPA should be at least 3.2.


Selection Criteria

5.      Selection of applications for the Entry Scholarship will be made by the Scheme Committee based on academic merit of the applicant. 


Number of Scholarships

6.      A maximum of 2 scholarships will be awarded for each MSc programme in each academic year.  No scholarship will be offered if the selection committee considers that there are no suitable candidates.


Application Procedures

7.      Interested students should submit an online application with their supporting documents on or before 1 March 2018 to Faculty of Construction and Environment. Late application may NOT be considered. 



        8.      For enquiries, please contact our General office at 2766-5029 or email to faculty.ce@polyu.edu.hk .



(1)    If a programme fails to fill the scholarship quota (2 per programme), other MSc programmes of the Scheme may take up the quota and offer a 3rd scholarship if there are suitable candidates.

(2)    PolyU reserves the right to change or withdraw the scholarship at any time.  In case of any dispute/disagreement, PolyU’s decision is final.


1) Application number for MSc Programme on eAdmission
(Please provide a valid application number of MSc programme (9 digits), and settle the MSc application fee on or before 1 March 2018, or the application of Entry Scholarship will NOT be considered.)

2) Title

3) Name in English

4) Contact email

5) Programme Applied for :

MSc in Building Services Engineering
MSc in Civil Engineering
MSc in Construction and Real Estate
MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
MSc in Environmental Management and Engineering
MSc in Facility Management
MSc in Fire and Safety Engineering
MSc in Geomatics(Geographic Information Systems)
MSc in Geomatics(Surveying)
MSc in High Performance Buildings
MSc in Project Management
MSc in Sustainable Urban Development

6) Does your bachelor's degree have any award classification?

7) Is your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification awarded by institutions where the medium of instruction is English?

8) Did you apply for more than one MSc programme and Entry Scholarship?

9) Declaration

  • I note my disciplinary record(s) with PolyU (if any) may be taken into consideration in the processing of this nomination; 

  • I note this application is no longer eligible if I withdraw my studies from PolyU after being nominated;

  • I am aware I am required to attend any related function/ceremony hosted by PolyU/the donor (if any) and may be invited to join other activities/programmes organized by PolyU/the donor;


  • I authorize PolyU to publish my name and programme & year of studies in relevant publications and/or the Internet/Intranet if I have been selected for the Scholarship.

I declare this application has my consent and the information given by me in this form is complete and true to the best of my knowledge;


10) I agree to the handling of my information and personal data provide:

  • my provision of all the personal data requested in this form is obligatory and failure to provide these data and the required documents (if any) may affect the processing and outcome of this application;

  • the personal data/information provided in this form will be used by the Office of Student Resources and Residential Life (SRRL) and my Faculty/Academic Department for activities relating to 1) handling and assessment of this nomination, 2) conduction of survey(s) for service improvement and 3) publicity or publication (if I have been selected for the Scholarship);

  • SRRL will verify my personal data with the relevant department(s) in PolyU and disclose the personal data provided to those relevant parties 1) for the above-mentioned purposes, 2) where I have given my consent to such disclosure, and 3) where such disclosure is authorized or required by law;

  • the personal data/information provided will be kept for a period of no more than four years under normal circumstances, or within one year upon my graduation/departure from PolyU;

  • I have the right to obtain access and make correction to the personal data provided by me in this application form;

  • I have to pay notional charges for making copies of this application form (such request should be addressed to the Secretary of the Postgraduate Scheme in Construction and Environment of PolyU in writing); 

  • this application form and the related documents submitted are not returnable;


  • any omission/misrepresentation of information with a view to obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception or willful making of a false statement will lead to disqualification of the scholarship as well as MSc application concerned.