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Last Update: 2020-10-01 07:00:06

Double-Fulfilment of DSR and CAR/SL

The following are the lists of double-fulfilment subjects of DSR and CAR/SL.  This means completing a DSR subject (except remedial subjects) with double-fulfilment meets the Cluster Area/ Service-Learning Requirements, thus, you do not have to take a CAR/SL subject which the DSR has already been fulfilled. However, you must take (an) extra subject(s) to make up the credit requirements.  Please refer to your Definitive Programme Document for details as individual programmes may have specific requirement(s) on the extra subject(s) to make up the credit requirements.


List of double-fulfilment of DSR and CAR subjects:

DSR Subject CAR Equivalent Subject Cluster Area Subject Title
APSS111 APSS1A07 A Introduction to Psychology
APSS112 APSS1A08 A Introduction to Sociology
APSS114* APSS1A09 A Introduction to Anthropology
ITC1001D ITC1A01 A Introduction to Thinking Styles
AF1605 AF1B02 B Introduction to Economics
APSS1130 APSS1B31 B Introduction to Politics
LGT2106 LGT2B02 B Principles of Operations Management
MM2711 MM2B05 B Introduction to Marketing
ABCT1101 ABCT1D04 D Introductory Life Science
ABCT1301 ABCT1D01 D Chemistry and Modern Living
ABCT1302 * ABCT1D02 * D Chemistry and Sustainable Development
ABCT1314 # ABCT1D14 # D Chemistry and Sustainable Development
ABCT1303 ABCT1D03 D Biotechnology and Human Health
BME11101 BME1D01 D Bionic Human and the Future of Being Human

* Ceased to be offered

# Revised subject with no English Reading/ Writing element


List of double-fulfilment of DSR and SL subjects:

DSR Subject Subject Title
COMP3911 Service Learning and Civic Engagement in the Information Age
ENGL3018 Teaching English as a Service Learning Experience
ENGL3026 Empowering Teenagers through Teaching Workplace English
RS4280 Enabling Occupation: Home and Community Practice
HTM3801 Community Tourism: Tour, Training, Operator, and Event from and for the Community
SO4037 Public Health Optometry
In case of any discrepancies between the GUR Subjects Database and the eStudent, those in the eStudent shall prevail.