Considerations for Choosing a CAR Subject

You should consider the following before choosing a CAR subject:

1. Your Programme Document (PD)
Your PD will give you an idea of when you should take CAR subject and provide a progression pattern for you to make plans to complete CAR.

2. Double Fulfilment of a Subject
Your programme of study may have DSR subjects that can also fulfil CAR. If there are such subjects, you must know which Cluster Area(s) have been covered by subjects with double-fulfilment and what remaining CAR subjects you should take.

3. Study Load
Normally, the average study load is 15 credits per semester. The maximum study load is 21 credits per semester. You might have a heavier study load because of the pre-assigned GUR, underpinning and/or DSR subjects. You should consider your study load before deciding on taking a CAR subject or not.

4. Availability and Time
You should check the timetable to make sure your preferred CAR subject(s) will not have time-clash with your preassigned subjects and other activities.

5. Interests
You should consider if the CAR subject is consistent with your interests. It is likely that you will perform better if you are interested in the subject. The subject description form (SDF), available in eStudent, will provide you with detailed information about the subject.

6. Abilities
You should know your abilities well before choosing a CAR subject. For example, if you are not confident about your English language proficiency, a CAR subject with many new terminologies or those with English Reading and Writing Requirements may not be the best choice for your first semester.