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講者:G僧東 (錢聖東)
Time 時間:18:30-19:30
Venue 地點:N002, PolyU

本院收集閣下的資料,只作本院舉辦的活動報名事宜、活動、聯絡之用途,亦只限獲本院授權人員方可查閱有關資料作前述目的之用,有關個人資料將於活動結束後銷毀。我們未取得 閣下同意前,不會向第三者提供  閣下的個人資料作直接促銷或其他不相關用途。本院活動進行期間,會進行攝影及攝錄,參加者即同意本院採用其相片或圖像作日後宣傳及教育之用途。

The collection of your personal data is only for the purpose of registration and liaison of the activities organised by CIHK. It is only authorized by CIHK to access the relevant information for the above purposes. The personal data will be completely deleted after the event. CIHK will not provide your personal information to third parties for direct marketing or other unrelated purposes without your consent. Photography and video will be taken during the event. Participants agree CIHK to use their photos or images for future promotional and educational purposes.



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