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Year 2006-2007

Year 2006 - 2007

Date Presenter Topic
16 July 2007 Dr Viswanath Venkatesh * (University of Arkansas, USA) Enterprise System Implementation and Employee Job Performance: Understanding the Role of Advice Networks
12 July 2007 Prof. Rick Hackett * (McMaster University, Canada) The Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences: An introduction with commentary on how to get published
12 Jun 2007 Dr Ben Liu * (Quinnipiac University, US)
Optimal Response to a Next Generation New Product Introduction: To Imitate or to Leapfrog?
06 Jun 2007 Dr Zhaoli Song * (National University of Singapore) Promise and peril on the road to employment: A diary study on job search and stress
28 May 2007 Prof. Jean Bartunek * (Boston College, US) The Development of a Process Model of Collective Turnover
18 May 2007 Prof. Bo Edvardsson *
(University of Karlstad, Sweden)
Perspectives on Value-creation Through Service
07 May 2007 Dr Flora Gu Merit-Seeking or Loss-Aversion? : Distributor Motivation and Participation in a New Sales Program
30 April 2007 Dr Piyush Sharma Impulse Buying and Variety Seeking: Two Faces of the Same Coin?
23 April 2007 Dr Ricky Chan Applying Ethical Concepts to the Study of “Green” Consumer Behavior: An Analysis of Chinese Consumers’ Intentions to Bring their Own Shopping Bags
16 April 2007 Dr Joy He Understanding Knowledge Management Systems Continuance: A Decomposed Model
02 April 2007 Dr Joyce Iun A happy slave is a productive slave? The effects of supervisor-humor style on employee work performances: The mediating role of leader-member exchange
26 March 2007 Mr Scott Lee * &
Ms Frances Li * (Synovate)
Brand Value Creator A Better Tool for Measuring, Managing and Building Brands and Building & Leveraging Customer Loyalty
19 March 2007 Mr Simon Chan Why doesn’t Authoritarian Leadership Necessarily Decrease Subordinates’ Performance in China?
12 March 2007 Dr Kenneth K. Kwong FACE: A Multi-item Scale for Measuring Behaviors of Service Employees in Restaurants
05 March 2007 Mr Chongwei Wang What's Relevant and What's Not? Determining Chinese Subordinates’ willingness to rely on, disclose to, and monitor their superiors
26 February 2007 Dr JJ Hsieh & Dr. Vincent Cho Comparing E-Learning Tool Success: The Case of Instructor-Student Interactive vs. Self-paced Tools
12 February 2007 Prof. Carolyn P. Egri *
(Simon Fraser University)
Personal Values, National Contexts, and Attitudes Towards Corporate Responsibilities: Who Makes a Difference and Why?
05 February 2007 Dr Esther Tang Analyzing Variety Seeking Behaviour using Panel Data
13 November 2006 Dr Wing Lam WHEN THE SHOW MUST GO EVERYDAY: How Supervisory Support Shapes the Effects of Emotional Labor on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction in Commercial Sex Industry
06 November 2006 Dr Onne Janssen *
(University of Groningen)
WALKING ON THE BRIGHT AND DARK SIDE OF THE CREATIVITY MOON: How Conflict Stress and Supervisory Support Shape the Effects of Creativity-Related Conflict on Job Performance and Job Satisfaction
31 October 2006 Mr Roderick O'Brien *
(University of South Australia)
Lawyers in the People’s Republic of China
Development of Professional Ethics and Responsibility
23 October 2006 Dr George Kuk *
(Nottingham University Business School)
The Dynamics of Open Source Software Development and Innovation
09 October 2006 Dr Xu Huang The Development of a Measure of Chinese Transformational Leadership: Discriminant, Predictive, and Incremental Validity