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On-going Research Projects
Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Title
BAI Feng   Moral Consistency or Moral Licensing? Investigating the Consequences of Prescriptive Versus Proscriptive Morality
CHAN Yee Kwong   Antecedents and Consequences of Environmental Orientation: An Investigation of SMEs in China’s Pearl River Delta Region
CHAN Yee Kwong   Green IT Strategic Practices and CEO Compensation
CHAN Yee Kwong   Impact of Chief Information Officer (CIO) on the Practice of IT-based Environmental Strategies: The Case of Manufacturing Firms in China's Guangdong Province
CHEN Fangyuan   Lay Conceptions of Vitality: A Prototype Analysis of Its Antecedents and Consequences
CHENG Bonnie Hayden   The Effect of Exercise on Employee Well-being
CHENG Bonnie Hayden   A Within-person Experience Sampling Study on Gossip as a Source of Daily Resource Drain and Resource Generator
CHENG Bonnie Hayden LAM Kwok Yee Wing A Within-person Experience Sampling Study on Work Recovery Experiences on Proactive Behaviors
CHENG Bonnie Hayden   Through the grapevine of gossip: A dual-process model of how perceptions of gossip purpose shape recipients’ motivational states and subsequent behaviors
CHO Wing Sing LAM Kwok Yee Wing The Power of LinkedIn: Will IT professionals leave their organizations for professional advancement due to participating in LinkedIn?
CHO Wing Sing   The Social Influence of Online Review Site on Information Adoption for Decision Making
DEGEEST David Scott   Team Processes and High-Performance Work Practices Enhance Employee Outcomes
GORN Gerald   The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Consumer Judgments and Behavior
GORN Gerald   Sleep Deprivation Effects on Shopping Behavior and Consumption Decisions
GU Fang   Co-opetition between Platforms and Merchants
GU Fang   Outward Foreign Direct Investments, Market and Non-market Strategies, and Firm Performance in China's Emerging Economy
GU Fang   Strengthening or Diversifying: Channel Relationship Management Within and Beyond a Dyad
GU Fang   Drivers of Personal Commitment in International Buyer-Seller Relationships
GU Fang   Contract Learning in Supplier-buyer Relationships
GUO Wei   When Less is More: Firm Strategic Disclosure and Competitors' Market Entry Decision
GUO Wei   Language and Competition: Firm Language Use, Competitive Response, and Market Consequences
GUO Wei   Performance Surprises, Competitive Actions, and Relative Market Positions
GUO Wei   Right Person, Right Place: CEO Personality, Attention, and Firm Innovation
GUO Wei   When Less Is More: Firm Verbal Market Signals and Competitors' Market Entry Decisions
HE Wei   Understanding Transactive Memory System and Geographical Dispersion in Team Context: a Cross-Level Perspective
HE Wei XU Xin Using Social Media to Facilitate Collaboration Effectiveness: An Investigation on Facebook and Wiki
HE Wei   Developing Individual Dynamic Capabilities through Boundary Spanning
JIANG Yuwei   Impacts of Self-Construal on Consumer Gifting
JIANG Yuwei GORN Gerald Rainbow or Plain? Effects of Logo Color Scheme on Consumer Brand Preference
JIANG Yuwei   Taking Advantage of Cute & Co.: Impact of Brand Logo Cuteness on Consumer Bargaining Behavior
JIANG Yuwei   Impact of Self-Threat and Internal Attribution on Consumer Spending
JIANG Yuwei   The Effect of Luck on Consumer Effort
KIM Kawon   Gender Stereotyping and Interaction within Female Duos
KIM Kawon   An Error-Management Perspective on Group Leader Exclusion Decisions
KIM Nam Woon   Ambidextrous Strategy in Marketing Channels: An Interfirm Knowledge Management Perspective
KIM Nam Woon   When and How Can We Get the Best of Post-acquisition Innovation? Contingency of Environmental Dynamism
KIM Nam Woon   Analyzing Ambivalent Relationships in Vertical Markets
KIM Nam Woon   New Product-Market Entry Using Competitive Imitation
LAM Kwok Yee Wing   Leader-Employee Congruence in Proactivity and Employees’ Reactions to the New Leaders’ Change Agenda During Leadership Transitions
LAM Kwok Yee Wing CHENG Bonnie Hayden Enjoy Your Night, Stay Proactive Tomorrow: Exploring the Motivational Mechanisms of Off-Job Experiences‒Proactive Behavior Relationships
LAM Kwok Yee Wing   Between-Person Process of Emotional Labor Across Asian Contexts
LAM Kwok Yee Wing   Does Leaders' Proactivity Matter in Leadership Transitions? Former and New Leaders' Proactivity, Employees' Identification with New Leaders, and Commitment to New Leaders' Change Agenda
LEE Kee Yeun   Modeling Mate Choice Behavior: A Two-stage Mate Choice Model with Potentially Non-compensatory Decision Rules
LEE Kee Yeun   Optimizing Long-Term Charitable Donations by Accounting for ‘Inconspicuous’ Alternatives and Appeals Scales
LI Shuping   Time Reveals Despite Ambiguity: Abrupt Changes in CEO Positions and Firm Ownership Restructurin
LI Shuping LIM Jaegoo
LO Wing Hung Carlos
Communication and Shareholder Engagement: Quantity Vs. Quality
LIM Jaegoo   Examining the Impact of Institutional Pressures on Lobbying and Campaign Contributions as Strategic Decisions
LIU Wu   Some Anger Works, Some Anger Hurts: Leader’s Display of Anger and Employee Upward Voice
LO Wing Hung Carlos CHAN Yee Kwong
LI Hon Ying
ZHAN Xueyong
KIM Nam Woon
NGAI Wai Ting
Green Transformation of Hong Kong Manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta Region
LO Wing Hung Carlos Dr ZHAN Xueyong A Study of Chinese Environmental NGOs: Towards Building a Theory of NGO Development in China
LO Wing Hung Carlos LI Hon Ying
ZHAN Xueyong
Assessing Ecological Modernization in China: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Stakeholder Demands and Corporate Environmental Management Practices
LO Wing Hung Carlos LI Hon Ying
ZHAN Xueyong
A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Corporate Compliance with Environmental Regulations in China
LO Wing Hung Carlos LI Hon Ying
ZHAN Xueyong
Campaign-Style Enforcement and Environmental Compliance in China: A Comparative and Longitudinal Study
LO Wing Hung Carlos LI Hon Ying Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Commitment in Hong Kong
LO Wing Hung Carlos LI Hon Ying Commitment and Professionalization of Lawyers in China: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study
LO Wing Hung Carlos YUEN Pok Man Peter Determinants of Choice of Hospitals for Patients with Chronic Conditions in China's Leading Cities
LO Wing Hung Carlos LI Hon Ying
NGAI Wai Ting
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Platform in Hong Kong
MAK Wai Ming CHAN Chi Hong Simon Have You Experienced Fun in the Workplace? An Empirical Study of Workplace Fun, Trust-in-Management, and Job Satisfaction
NGAI Wai Ting   An Empirical Evaluation of Automated Sentiment Analysis as a Decision Aid
NGAI Wai Ting CHAN Chi Hong Simon Effect of Market Orientation and Entrepreneurial Orientation on Innovative Performance of Technology Firms: the Mediating Role of Innovative Capabilities
NGAI Wai Ting   Design and Develop a Knowledge-based System for RFID-based Supply Chain Risks and Performance Management
NGAI Wai Ting   Using Information Technology to Achieve Energy Efficiency Improvement
NGAI Wai Ting   The Effect of Green Attitude on Green IT/IS Adoption in Hong Kong
NGAI Wai Ting   An Intervention Study to Enhance Energy Efficiency
NGAI Wai Ting   Sustainability in Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises: A Data Analytics and Systems Approach
NGAI Wai Ting   Development of a Social Commerce System for Fashion Business - FABY
NGAI Wai Ting XU Xin Intelligent Decision Support Platform for a Digital Economy: A Novel Approach to Support Sales Strategy in Textile and Apparel Industry
NGAI Wai Ting   An Intelligent Decision Support System for Fashion Analytics in the Digital Era: An Integrating Visual and Text Analysis Approach
NGAI Wai Ting   Trial: Innovative Energy and Utility Management System in Textile Processing
NGAI Wai Ting   Trial: An Intelligent Condition-based Key Machinery Assets Maintenance Management Platform for the Textile Industry
SHAW Jason DeFrance   The Evolution of Social Networks, Personality, and Job Performance
SHAW Jason DeFrance   Are You Paying Your Employees to be Creative? The Sorting and Motivating Effects of Pay-for-performance on Employee Creativity
SHAW Jason DeFrance   Multifaceted and Multilevel Investigations of Employment Relationships, Performance, Creativity, and Turnover
SHAW Jason DeFrance   Alternative perspectives on the relationship between merit pay raises and employee outcomes: A cross-cultural comparison
SHAW Jason DeFrance   Reversals of Approach-avoidance Effects in the Study of Antisocial Behavior at Work: Theoretical Integration and Multi-method Tests
SIDDIQUI Rafay Ahmad   The Influence of Time Perception on Consumer Patience
SIDDIQUI Rafay Ahmad   The Impact of Virtual Reality Experiences on Time Perception and Patience
SIDDIQUI Rafay Ahmad   The Impact of Pain of Payment on Variety Seeking Behavior
TAM Lai Ming KIM Nam Woon Examining the Role of Attribution in Intercultural Service Encounters: Employees' and Customers' Perspectives
TAM Lai Ming   Examining the Role of Customer Participation in Services
TAM Lai Ming KIM Nam Woon Exploring Ethnic Stereotypes and Affect in Intercultural Service Encounters
TANG Yi   Entrepreneurial Orientation, Firm Performance and Firm Risk Management
TANG Yi   Does Entrepreneurs' Religion Facilitate Firm Innovation? - Theoretical and Empirical Examination in China
TANG Yi   How CEO Core Self-evaluation Affects Firm Innovation: Mediation Mechanism and Boundary Conditions
TANG Yi   Investigating the impact of Executive Core Self-evaluation on Innovation Performance: Evidence from China and US
TANG Yi   When the Role Fits: How Firm Status Differentials Affect Corporate Takeovers (Internal Project)
TANG Yi   Princes and Paupers: How Firm Status Differences Affect Corporate Takeovers
XU Xin   Collective Use of Social Media, Group Dynamics, and Group Performance - A Cross-Culture Longitudinal Investigation
XU Xin   An Investigation of Small and Medium-sized NGOs' Utilization of e-Donation Platforms
XU Xin   A Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words, or Is It? - An Investigation of the Joint Impacts of User-Generated Pictures and Text on Consumer Information Processing in the eWOM Contex
ZHAN Xueyong   Reconsidering the Role of Government in Hong Kong’s Innovation Industries
ZHAN Xueyong LO Wing Hung Carlos Political Contexts, Work Situations, and the Implementation of Environmental Policy by Street-Level Bureaucrats in China
ZHAN Xueyong HSIEH Po-an Understanding the Framing Effects of Environmental Education on Youth’s Policy Attitudes
ZHAN Xueyong   Understanding the Implementation of Competition Policy in China
ZHAN Xueyong LO Wing Hung Carlos Dances with Wolves: Contextual Changes and Government-NGO Relationships in China
ZHAN Xueyong   A Pilot Study on Non-governmental Organizations' Interactions with the State in China
ZHANG Xubing KIM Nam Woon Social Media Driven Information Search and Use: A Study of the Effects of Macro-environment, Product Category, and Trust
ZHANG Xubing   Retailers' Extended Warranties in a Distribution Channel
ZHANG Xubing   A Multichannel Retailer's Outlet Designation Decision in a Distribution Channel
ZHANG Xubing   Producing Components In-House: When Should OEMs Use This Ability?
ZHANG Xubing   Promoting Social and Ethical Certification in Value Chains
ZHANG Xubing   Increasing Price Transparency: Implications of Consumer Price Posting for Consumers' Haggling Behavior and a Seller's Pricing Strategies