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Year 2007-2008

Year 2007 - 2008

Date Presenter Topic
31 Jul 2008 Prof. Margaret Shaffer * (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA) & Dr Theresa Lau The Pursuit of Life Balance: The Challenges, Choices, and Rewards of a Cross-Cultural Research Project
29 May 2008 Prof. Varghese S. Jacob * (University of Texas at Dallas, USA) Assessing Data Quality for Information Products
29 May 2008 Prof. Richard Priem * (The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA)
Q&A on responding to revise & resubmit at top journals
23 May 2008 Dr Susan Tai From Marketing Performance to Financial Performance: - Some Preliminary Findings
22 May 2008 Prof. A. "Parsu" Parasuraman *(University of Miami, USA) Reflections on My Career, Publishing in Top-Tier Journals, and Contributing Significantly to a Field
21 May 2008 Prof. Richard Priem *(University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA) The Dissolution of Swift Trust in a Cross-cultural Temporary Work Group Facing Acute Stress
16 May 2008 Dr Xubing Zhang The Impact of Assortment on Store Choice, Price Search, and Retail Prices: Theory and Evidence from the Online Book Industry
9 May 2008 Dr Leslie Yip Maximising Limited Time: Does Service Convenience Influence Tourist Shopping Behaviour?
2 May 2008 Dr Robert Wright Building Stronger Conceptual Models Through Strategyas- Practice: The Case of Strategic Tools Usefulness
25 Apr 2008 Prof. Namwoon Kim Broaden Your Horizons? Analyzing Firms' New Market Entry Motivations
21 Apr 2008 Prof. Steven Maurer * (Old Dominion University, USA) Publishing in Top Journals (II): The Review process
18 Apr 2008 Dr Ivy Yang Exploration: Starting From Firms' Prior Knowledge Base
11 Apr 2008 Dr Sun HeShan * (University of Arizona, USA)
Online Sellers' Trust and Use of Online Auction Marketplaces
7 Apr 2008 Prof. Steven Maurer * (Old Dominion University, USA) Publishing in Top Journals (I): Submitting a Manuscript
7 Mar 2008
Dr Xu Huang Why do the dogs stop barking? The helplessness of employee empowerment
29 Feb 2008 Dr JJ Hsieh Leveraging CRM Information Systems across Service Channels - A Process Virtualization Theory Perspective
22 Feb 2008 Prof. Richard Priem * (The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA) How Immigrant Entrepreneurs' Economic, Human and Social Capital Endowments Affect Venture Strategy and Performance
25 Jan 2008 Prof. Jae Ho Chung * (Seoul National University, South Korea) & Dr TC Lam The Disarray of China's Local Governing System, 1980-2006: The Political and Institutional Logic
17 Jan 2008 Dr Herman Tse * (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Transformational Leadership and Employees' Turnover: The Mediating Roles of Leader-member Exchange and Organizational Commitment
16 Jan 2008 Prof. Charles Ingene * (University of Mississippi, USA) Without Loss of Generality: A Commentary on Simplifying Assumptions in Game-Theoretic, Multilateral-Monopoly Models of Distribution Channels
7 Dec 2007 Dr Eric See-To * (Lancaster University Management School, UK) The impact of open source software on the strategic choices of firms developing proprietary software
3 Dec 2007
Prof. Gerald Fryxell * (China Europe International Business School) & Prof. Carlos Lo Environmental Impact and Environmental Management Programs: Mediation via Stakeholder Reactions and Top Management Motivations in Guangdong Province
19 Nov 2007 Dr Onne Janssen *
(University of Groningen, The Netherlands)
Emotional Exhaustion and Job Performance: The Moderating Roles of Distributive Justice and Positive Mood
12 Nov 2007 Dr Sherriff Luk Research Opportunities in Brand Management: A CPV Approach
05 Nov 2007 Dr Joy He
Dr Xu Huang
Expertise diversity and creativity: Can sharing tacit and explicit knowledge in cross-disciplinary research teams enhance individual employees' creative behaviors?
29 Oct 2007 Dr Xu Xin Winning Back Technology Disadopters: An Information Integration Model of ICT Re-adoption
22 Oct 2007 Prof. Peter Yuen Development and Financing of Hong Kong's Future Health Care
15 Oct 2007 Dr Lingjing Zhan Consumer Prior Expectations and Analytic Categorization
08 Oct 2007

Ms Catherine Lam
Dr Xu Huang
Dr Warren Chiu

"I Don't Think I am Fat" The Combined Effect of Objective Body Weight, Perceived Body Weight, and Gender on Illness- Related Absenteeism
17 Sept 2007 Dr Xu Huang When fairness becomes the enemy of trust: The moderating role of insecurity during organizational interventions
03 Sept 2007 Prof. Charles Ingene *
(University of Mississippi, USA)
Product-Line Pricing: Optimum or Pessimum?