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Year 2008-2009

Year 2008 - 2009

Date Presenter Topic
28 Aug 2009 Prof. Gregory Jackson * (University of Bath, UK) Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Performance: A Configurational Analysis of Strengths and Concerns among U.S. Firms
21 Aug 2009 Prof. A. Parasuraman * (University of Miami, USA) Reflections on My Career, Publishing in Top-Tier Journals, and Contributing Significantly to a Field
14 Aug 2009 Dr Eric See-to * (Newcastle University, UK) Developing China’s SMEs: Insights into ICT policy initiatives
23 July 2009 Prof. Anne Tsui * (Arizona State University, USA) CEO Personal Values and Transformational Leadership
17 July 2009 Dr Ruby Lee * (Florida State University, USA)
When Should a Foreign Firm Turn to its MNC Network for Resources?
10 July 2009 Dr HUANG Zhi * (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology) Directors’ Interlocking Ties and Firm Performance: Network Prominence as a Cue for Boardroom Interactions
26 June 2009 Dr ZHANG Yan * (Rice University, USA) FDI Spillovers in an Emerging Market: The Role of the Diversity of FDI Country Origins
19 June 2009 Dr Haiyang Li * (Rice University, USA) Do Returnee Entrepreneurs Perform Better than Homegrown Entrepreneurs: Evidence from China’s Technology Industries
9 June 2009 Dr Meina Liu * (University of Maryland, USA) Investigating the Process Whereby Emotions Influence Negotiation Performance: A Comparison of Americans and Sojourning Chinese
5 June 2009 Prof. Ray Friedman * (Vanderbilt University, USA) Culture’s Impact on Behavioral Integrity:When is a Promise not a Promise?
15 May 2009 Prof. Detlef Fetchenhauer * (University of Cologne, Germany) Why People Trust Too Little and Why People Trust Too Much
8 May 2009 Dr Israr Qureshi Latent Growth Model and Latent ClassAnalysis: An Introduction
28 April 2009 Dr Deborah Compeau * (The University of Western Ontario, Canada) Teaching Management Using Cases: Aims, Approaches, and Challenges
24 Apr 2009 Dr Na Ni An Examination of the Effectiveness of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Emerging Economies
17 Apr 2009 Prof. Filippo Wezel * (University of Lugano, Switzerland)
A Dynamic Theory of Strategic Positioning A Diversity-Dependence Perspective
3 Apr 2009 Prof. Gerald Fryxell * (China Europe International Business School)
Anti-counterfeiting effectiveness and Brand Positioning: A Study of Foreign Brands in China
27 Mar 2009 Prof. Steven Maurer * (Old Dominion University, USA)
Strategic Retention of Professional Workers: Using the Unfolding Model & Situational Interviews
20 Mar 2009 Prof. Ken Kamoche * (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Knowledge Management: Reclaiming a Role for Power and Control
6 Mar 2009 Prof. Gerben S. Van der Vegt * (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)
When and Why does Power Asymmetry Affect Team Performance?
27 Feb 2009 Prof. Namwoon Kim Unraveling Pioneer Leadtime: The First Follower Perspective
24 Feb 2009 Dr Srinivas K. Reddy * (Maytas Holdings, India)
Price Dynamics, Bidder Interactions and Bidder Networks in Simultaneous Online Auctions
20 Feb 2009 Dr LIU Wu A Multi-Level Study of OCB Climate
19 Feb 2009 Dr Humphry Hung The Outcome-based Approach to Learning and Teaching: An Experience-sharing Session on Teaching Strategic Management
13 Feb 2009 Dr Kim Min-chung Do Analysts Pay Attention to Advertising? Should They?
23 Jan 2009 Dr Robert Wright When Organizational Contextual Factors Shape Top and Middle Managers’ Cognitions of Effective Strategy Strategists
16 Jan 2009 Dr Zeng Tiebing * (Editorial Department of Journal of The Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants) Director, Editorial Department of Journal of The Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants《中國註冊會計師雜誌》編輯部主任
9 Jan 2009 Dr Herman Tse * (University of Newcastle, Australia) Transformational Leadership and Performance: A Social Identity Perspective
19 Dec 2008
Prof. Viswanath Venkatesh * (University of Arkansas, USA)
Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation and Organizational Change: Impacts on Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction
12 Dec 2008
Dr Eben Weitzman * (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA)
Qualitative Research Methods: Analysis of Data and the Use of Computers
5 Dec 2008 Dr Norihiko Takeuchi * (Tokyo University of Science, Japan) Inside the Black Box: How Do High-Performance Work Systems Enhance Employees' Involvement?
28 Nov 2008 Ms Michelle Luo Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in Manufacturing in China: Impacts on Employees' Perceptions and Commitment
21 Nov 2008
Dr Chung Chi-Nien * (National University of Singapore) Business Groups in Emerging Economies: Family and Industrial Restructuring
20 Nov 2008
Prof. Jaeyong Song * (Seoul National University, South Korea) What Determines Knowledge Sourcing From Host Locations of Overseas R&D Operations?: A Study of Global R&D Activities of Japanese Multinationals
14 Nov 2008
Dr. Weiting Zheng Buffering or Enabling? Social Capital and Firm Dissolution in Emerging Economies
7 Nov 2008
Prof. Rico Lam * (University of Macau) Work Consequences of Reliance and Disclosure: Interpersonal Trust Dynamics Within Vertical Dyads
24 Oct 2008
Prof. Evert Van de Vliert * (University of Groningen, The Netherlands & University of Bergen, Norway) How to Discipline Apples, Oranges, and Bananas
17 Oct 2008
Prof. Ken Kamoche * (Nottingham Business School, UK) & Dr Amy Wong Knowledge appropriation in a context of turbulent career times
10 Oct 2008 Dr Benjamin Van Rooij * (Leiden University, The Netherlands) A Fragile Convergence: Understanding Variation in the Enforcement of China's Industrial Pollution Law
8 Oct 2008
Dr Terrill L. Frantz * (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Computational Organization Theory
3 Oct 2008
Dr Xu Huang
26 Sept 2008
Mr. Steven Ren Contractual and Relational Governance of IT Outsourcing Projects: A Proposed Research Model and a Pilot Study
19 Sept 2008
Ms Cat Lam

My supervisor and I are both exhausted: Supervisors' emotional exhaustion and service climate as moderators of the relationship between subordinates' emotional exhaustion and emotional display

12 Sept 2008
Prof. Carlos Lo, Dr Eric Ngai, Dr Wing Lam Applying RGC GRF (General Research Fund) and Getting the Project Funded - Experience Sharing Session
9 Sept 2008
Prof. David Montgomery * (Stanford University, USA) Calibrating MBA Job Preferences: Regional and Gender Contrasts and Similarities