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Year 2015-2016
Date Presenter Topic
25 Aug 2016 Dr Luxi Shen *(The Chinese University of Hong Kong) The Fun and Function of Uncertainty
25 Jul 2016 Prof Miriam Erez *(Technion ‐ Israel Institute of Technology, Israel) The Influence of the Global Leader’s Identity on Multicultural Team Innovation
13 Jul 2016 Prof Cynthia Lee *(Northeastern University, USA) Not Even the Past: The Joint Influence Of Former Leader and New Leader During Leader Succession in the Midst of Organizational Change
12 Jul 2016 Prof Jing Zhou *(Rice University, USA) Feeling Inspired, Being Creative: Inspiration As a Mechanism to Fuel Employee Creativity
21 Jun 2016 Dr Meng Zhu *(Johns Hopkins University, USA) Scarcity and Preference within a Choice Set
21 Jun 2016 Dr Jian Ni *(Johns Hopkins University, USA) Is This Just about Now? Incentives in the Online Crowdsourcing Market
01 Jun 2016 Prof Andrea Morales *(Arizona State University (USA) Social Bonding without Liking or Desire for Affiliation: How Disgust Can Build Unique Social Connections
12 May 2016 Dr Yan Zhang *(National University of Singapore) Feeling Powerful Increases Altruistic
25 Apr 2016 Dr Lopo Rego *(Indiana University, Bloomington, USA) Does “Firing” Customers Pay Off? A Signaling Perspective on Customer Divestment and Shareholder Value
11 Apr 2016 Prof. Michael Harris Bond Getting at Culture in Studies of Organizational Behavior: The Case of Relative Work Centrality
22 Mar 2016 Prof. Carolyn Egri *(Simon Fraser University, Canada) The Values Orientation of China’s Millennial Generation: A Longitudinal Study of Chinese Generation Cohorts
21 Mar 2016 Prof. Neal Ashkanasy *(UQ Business School, University of Queensland) Publishing for Impact
14 Mar 2016 Prof. Neal Ashkanasy *(UQ Business School, University of Queensland) Managing Emotions in the Workplace: An Essential Challenge for Managers
29 Feb 2016 Mr Ken Ward Can a Student Run Business Capstone Course Generate Relevant Forces That Last a Life Time–You Bet it Can
15 Feb 2016 Prof. Peter Bamberger *(Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University) Help – This is Stressful! Help Seeking, Helping and Stressor-Strain Relations
09 Nov 2015 Dr Vivian Guo CEO Proactivity and Firm Innovation: Exploring the CEO-TMT Interactions
02 Nov 2015 Prof. Scott Sonenshein *(Rice University, USA) Competition of a Different Flavor: How a Collective Competitor Identity Fosters Cooperative and Competitive Behaviors
07 Oct 2015 Prof. Aparna Joshi *(Pennysylvania State University, USA) Emergent and Structural Perspectives on Gender Inequality
24 Sep 2015 Dr Fengyuan Chen *(Peking University) Motivated product anthropomorphism: Effects on product perceptions and consumer states