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Adjunct Professors and External Advisors

Departmental Academic Advisor

    Prof. John M. Schaubroeck

John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Management

Eli Broad College of Business

and Department of Psychology

Michigan State University, USA

    Research Interests:  Employee Stress and Well-Being / Psychological Processes of Leadership Influences

Academic Advisors (Overseas)

    Prof. Darren DAHL
    Senior Associate Dean, Faculty & Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School
BC Innovation Council Professor
Professor, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division
Sauder School of Business
The University of British Columbia, Canada
    Research Interests:  New Product Development / Creativity /Emotions in Consumption Contexts / Social Influence / Social Marketing
Prof. Christopher MARQUIS
    Samuel C. Johnson Professor in Sustainable Global Enterprise
Professor of Management and Organizations
Samuel Cutis Johnson Graduate School of Management
Cornell University, USA
    Research Interests:  Sustainability / Shared Value Strategies of Global Corporations / Firms in China / Organization Theory 

Professors of Practice

    Ir. CHENG Man Chung Daniel, BBS, MH, JP
    Managing Director 
Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd.
    Areas of Expertise:  Green Sustainability and Management
    Dr YUEN Man Chun Royce, JP  
    Areas of Expertise:  Marketing
    Dr LAM Ki Wai Lianne
    CEO and Founder
Hong Kong Sustainable Society
    Area of Expertise:  Sustainable Development and Human Resource Management

External Members of Advisory Committee

    Ir. Daniel M. CHENG, BBS, MH, JP (Chairman)
    Managing Director
Dunwell Enviro-Tech (Holdings) Ltd.
    Dr CHAN Chung-yee Hubert, JP
HKC International Holdings Limited
Dr CHAN Yue-kwong Michael
Café de Coral Holdings Ltd.
    Ir Dr David C.S. HO, JP 
    Group General Manager
Hong Kong Ferry (Holdings) Co. Ltd.
    Ms Randy LAI   
    Managing Director
McDonald’s Restaurants (Hong Kong) Limited
    Mr Mark LUNT   
Jardine OneSolution Holdings
    Dr Mark WATSON  
    Head of Sustainable Development
John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd