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Year 2009-2010

Year 2009 - 2010

Date Presenter Topic
15 July 2010 Prof. Ken Kamoche * (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Discourse Analysis and The Society
8 July 2010 Prof. Ken Kamoche * (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Knowledge as situated practices
5 July 2010 Dr Chris Marquis * (Harvard University, USA) The Globalization of Corporate Environmental Transparency
29 Jun 2010 Dr Georgia T. Chao * (Michigan State University, USA) Organizational Socialization:Lessons Learned and Future Implications
28 Jun 2010 Prof. Steve Kozlowski * (Michigan State University, USA) Enhancing Individual and Team Adaptation: Learning, Regulation, and Development
24 Jun 2010 Dr Georgia T. Chao * (Michigan State University, USA) Understanding Today’s Young Employees: Generational Effects at Work
23 Jun 2010 Prof. Steve Kozlowski * (Michigan State University, USA) Enhancing Team Effectiveness: Progress and Prospects
24 May 2010 Dr Frank Walter
* (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)
Emotional Abilities and Leadership: Examining the Complex Relationship between Emotion Recognition and Leader Emergence
3 May 2010 Dr Yuwei Jiang Lonely are the Brave? Effects of Social Exclusion on Financial Risk-Taking
19 Apr 2010 Dr Pravin Nath * (Drexel University, USA) Marketing in the C-Suite: A Study of Chief Marketing Officer Power in Firms’ Top Management Teams
14 Apr 2010 Prof. Jone L. Pearce * (University of California, Irvine, USA) Employees’ Trust in their Organizations: Does Familiarity Breed Contempt?
12 Apr 2010 Dr Yi TANG Straddling yet being Coherent: Identity Focus and Identity Coherence in the Hong Kong Film Industry, 1970-1997
29 Mar 2010 Dr Jackie Tam Intercultural Service Encounters: Exploring the Role of Cultural Attribution and Intercultural Competence
22 Mar 2010 Dr Xueyong Zhan Political Opportunities, Resource Constraints, and Policy Advocacy: A Longitudinal Study of Environmental NGOs in China
15 Mar 2010 Dr Flora Gu Observer Effect of Punishment in Channel Networks
4 Mar 2010 Prof. Karl Aquino * (University of British Columbia, Canada) The Relationship Between Moral Identity and Moral Outcomes: A Social Cognitive Framework
1 Mar 2010 Dr Xubing Zhang Impact of Relationship Marketing Orientation on Interfirm Control Behaviors in Marketing Channels: A Case from China
22 Feb 2010 Prof. Richard Priem * (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA) A Normative Perspective on the Boundaries of Strategic Management
8 Feb 2010 Prof. Charles Ingene Resale Price Maintenance without Free-Riding: The Effects of Retail Heterogeneity
1 Feb 2010 Dr Wu LIU Ups and Downs Do Matter! Joint Effects of Negative Affect Disposition, Negative Affect Fluctuation, and Affective Commitment on Employee Service Performance
25 Jan 2010 Prof. Xu HUANG When Does Reputation Become an Asset? Managers’ Reputation, Experience, and Performance
18 Jan 2010 Prof. Richard Arvey * (National University of Singapore) Behavioral Genetics and Leadership
21 Dec 2009 Prof. George Chen * (The Australian National University, Australia) An Examination of the Criterion of Interesting Management Research
14 Dec 2009 Dr Xiongying Niu * (University of International Business and Economics, PRC) A Study of the Antecedents and Consequences of Developmental I-Deals in a Chinese Context
7 Dec 2009 Dr Kimmy Chan How Does Customer Participation Drive Performance Outcomes? The Salience of Value Cocreation and Culture
23 Nov 2009 Dr Wing Lam Person-job Fit and Well-being: The Roles of Emotional Labor and Social Desirability
16 Nov 2009 Dr Lingjing Zhan Pessimistic Bias in the Consumption of Counterfeit Brands
2 Nov 2009 Dr Yunxia Zhu * (University of Queensland Business School, Australia) Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and Media Discourse in the Australian Mining Industry: A Comparative Study
21 Oct 2009 Prof. Tang Shui-yan * (University of Southern California, USA) Contextual Changes and Environmental Policy Implementation in China: A Longitudinal Study of Street-Level Bureaucrats in Guangzhou
19 Oct 2009 Prof. Wong Chi-sum * (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Motives Behind Extra-role Behaviors: The Effect of Supervisory Attribution on OCB Ratings
8 Oct 2009 Prof. Viswanath Venkatesh * (University of Arkansas, USA) Explaining Employee Job Performance: Role of Online and Offline Workplace Communication Networks
5 Oct 2009 Prof. Ken Kamoche * (Nottingham Trent University, UK) Pit Sense: The Rise and Fall of Tacit Knowledge in a Coal Time
28 Sept 2009 Prof. Andrew Brown * (University of Bath, UK)  ‘Being regimented’: Aspiration, discipline and identity work in the British Parachute Regiment
21 Sept 2009 Prof. Alison Konrad * (University of Western Ontario, Canada) Strategic Diversity Management: A Configurational Approach to Diversity- Related HRM Practices
15 Sept 2009 Dr Riki Takeuchi * (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) MNC Control of Foreign Subsidiaries: A Cross-Level Theorizing
14 Sept 2009 Dr JJ Hsieh Addressing Digital Inequality For the Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Through Government Initiatives: Forms of Capital That Affect ICT Utilization