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Year 2014-2015
Date Presenter Topic
03 Aug 2015 Prof. Guangliang Ye *(Renmin University of China) Informative Advertising in a mixed Oligopoly
27 Jul 2015 Prof. Cynthia Lee *(Northeastern University) Can Job Insecurity Evoke Proactivity?
13 Jul 2015 Prof. Cynthia Lee *(Northeastern University) Why and when workplace ostracism inhibits organizational citizenship behaviors: An organizational identification perspective
18 Jun 2015 Prof. Darren Dahl *(University of British Columbia, Canada) Understanding JCR: A View from the Editorship
18 Jun 2015 Prof. Darren Dahl *(University of British Columbia, Canada) Scarcity and Aggression: Explaining the Downside of Black Friday
8 Jun 2015 Dr Christopher Marquis Employment Discrimination in China: The Role of Facial Features, Gender, And University Status
27 Apr 2015 Dr Josie Csete& Mr. John Sager *(Educational Development Centre (EDC)) Departmental Teaching/Learning Seminar
15 Apr 2015 Prof. Viswanath Venkatesh *(University of Arkansas, USA) Pursuing the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals: Lessons Learned from a Project in Villages in India
13 Apr 2015 Dr Jiang Yuwei Financial Resources and Product Shape Preference: A Competence Self-Presentation Mechanism
30 Mar 2015 Dr Vivian Guo Language and Competition: Dissuading Competitive Entry with Vague Language
23 Mar 2015 Dr Vincent Cho The Power of LinkedIn: Will IT professionals leave their organizations for professional advancement due to participating in LinkedIn?
16 Mar 2015 Dr Zhan Xueyong & Dr Ni Na Political Embeddedness, External Shocks, and the Development of Philanthropic Foundations in China
11 Mar 2015 Prof. John Schaubroeck *(Michigan State University, USA) Leadership Influence on Changes in Core Organizational Value Internalization and Role Self-Efficacy: ‘Reason to’ and ‘Can Do’ Performance Motivation
2 Mar 2015 Dr Julie McCarthy *(University of Toronto, Canada) Trepidation in the Boardroom: Exploring the Mechanisms, Outcomes and Buffers of Workplace Anxiety
4 Feb 2015 Prof. Peter Bamberger *(Tel Aviv University, Israel) Insult and Injury: Incivility, Collaborative Processes, and Performance in Team Contexts
17 Dec 2014 Prof. Christian Welzel *(Leuphana University, Germany) A workshop on using the World Value Survey in your research
16 Dec 2014 Prof. Christian Welzel *(Leuphana University, Germany) Freedom Rising: Human Empowerment and the Quest for Emancipation
08 Dec 2014 Dr George Wong Corporate Environmental Risk and the Customer-Supplier Relationship
01 Dec 2014 Dr Ivona Hideg The compassionate sexist? How benevolent sexism promotes and undermines support for gender diversity policies
24 Nov 2014 Dr Kimmy Chan Hurting or Helping? The Effect of Service Agents’ Workplace Ostracism on Customer Coproduction Values 
10 Nov 2014 Dr Israr Qureshi

Videos in the Choupal: ICT, Social Practices, and Knowledge Transfer

03 Nov 2014 Dr Ivy Yang Ownership and M&A Performance in a Transitional Economy: The Case of Chinese Real Estate Industry
03 Oct 2014 Prof. Neal Ashkanasy *(The University of Queensland, Australia) Research on Emotion in Organizatons: Multilevel Perspective
29 Sept 2014 Prof. Nathan DeWall *(University of Kentucky, USA) A New Look at Relationships and Money: Behavioral and Neural Evidence
25 Sept 2014 Prof. Nathan DeWall *(University of Kentucky, USA) How to Write A Lot: A Brief Workshop on How to Become a Productive Writer
22 Sept 2014 Dr Prisca Brosi *(Technical University of Munich) Pride Comes Before a Fall: The Relation between Time, Pride and Learning Goal Orientation