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RGC GRF Projects

RGC GRF Projects

Project Title
Awarded ($)
Prof GORN Gerald Prof Weinberg Charles B.(University of British Columbia) Sleep Deprivation Effects on Shopping Behavior and Consumption Decisions $765,400 2016-17
Dr JIANG Yuwei Dr Scott Maura L. (Florida State University)
Dr Mende Martin (Florida State University)
Taking Advantage of Cute & Co.:
Impact of Brand Logo Cuteness on Consumer Bargaining Behavior
Dr LAM Wing Prof Chen Ziguang (CityU)
Prof Lee Cynthia (Northeastern University)
Dr Cheng Bonnie Hayden (MM)
Miss Ouyang Kan (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)
Enjoy Your Night, Stay Proactive Tomorrow: Exploring the Motivational Mechanisms of Off-Job Experiences‒Proactive Behavior Relationships $592,000 2016-17
Dr GU Fang Dr Wang Jeff Jianfeng (CityU) Strengthening or Diversifying: Channel Relationship Management Within and Beyond a Dyad $440,000 2015-16
Dr HE Wei Prof Hsieh J.J. Po-An
(Georgia State University)
Dr Fang Yulin (CityU)
Dr Schroeder Andreas
(Aston University of UK)
Understanding Transactive Memory System and Geographical Dispersion in Team Context: A Cross-level Perspective $378,300 2015-16
Dr LIU Wu Dr Song Zhaoli
(National University of Singapore)
Some Anger Works, Some Anger Hurts: Leader’s Display of Anger and Employee Upward Voice $535,000 2015-16
Prof LO Carlos Wing-hung Prof Tang Shui-Yan
(University of Southern California)
Dr Li Hon Ying, Pansy (MM)
Dr Liu Ning Nicole (CityU)
Dr Zhan Xueyong (MM)
Prof Wei Wang (Jinan University)
Campaign-Style Enforcement and Environmental Compliance in China: A Comparative and Longitudinal Study $722,850 2015-16
Dr ZHAN Xueyong Prof Tang Shui-Yan
(University of Southern California) Prof Lo Carlos Wing-hung (MM)
Political Contexts, Work Situations, and the Implementation of Environmental Policy by Street-Level Bureaucrats in China $525,000 2015-16
Dr ZHANG Xubing   A Multichannel Retailer's Outlet Designation Decision in a Distribution Channel $140,000 2015-16
Dr CHAN Yee Kwong   Antecedents and Consequences of Environmental Orientation: An Investigation of SMEs in China’s Pearl River Delta Region $260,124 2014-15
Dr CHO Wing-sing Dr Lam Wing (MM) The Power of LinkedIn: Will IT professionals leave their organizations for professional advancement due to participating in LinkedIn? $145,725 2014-15
Dr JIANG Yuwei Prof Gerald Gorn (MM) Rainbow or Plain? Effects of Logo Color Scheme on Consumer Brand Preference $303,526 2014-15
Dr LAM Wing Prof Lee Cynthia
(Northeastern University)
Prof Taylor Susan M.
(University of Maryland)
Leader-Employee Congruence in Proactivity and Employees’ Reactions to the New Leaders’ Change Agenda During Leadership Transitions $468,000 2014-15
Prof SHAW Jason DeFrance   Alternative perspectives on the relationship between merit pay raises and employee outcomes: A cross-cultural comparison $1,306,789 2014-15
Dr ZHANG Xubing   Retailers' Extended Warranties in a Distribution Channel $152,349 2014-15
Prof HUANG Xu Dr Liu Wu (MM)
Dr Xu Erica (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Back stabbing and supervisory retaliation: The consequences of employees’ skip-level voice $173,338 2013-14
Prof LO Carlos Wing-hung Dr Zhan Xueyong (MM)
Dr Liu Ning, Nicole (MM)
Dr Li Hon Ying Pansy (MM)
Prof Wang Wei (Jinan University)
Prof Tang Shui-Yan (University of Southern California)
A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Corporate Compliance with Environmental Regulations in China $773,700 2013-14
Dr TAM Lai Ming Jackie Prof Kim Namwoon (MM)
Dr Sharma Piyush
Examining the Role of Attribution in Intercultural Service Encounters: Employees' and Customers' Perspectives $160,430 2013-14
Dr TANG Yi   When the Role Fits: How Firm Status Differentials Affect Corporate Takeovers $234,954 2013-14
Dr LAM Wing Dr CHEN Ziguang
(Department of Management, City University of Hong Kong)
Dr ZHONG Jian An
(Department of Psychology, Zhejiang University)
Effects of Person-Job Fit on In-role Performance, OCB, and Proactive Behavior: Mediating Role of Emotional Labor $406,998 2012-13
Prof LO Carlos Wing-hung Prof WANG Wei
(Marketing, Jinan University)
Dr LI Pansy Honying (MM)
Dr ZHAN Xueyong (MM)
Prof TANG Shui-Yan
(School of Policy,Planning and Development, University of Southern California)
Mr YEE Wai-Hang
(School of Policy,Planning, & Development, University of Southern California)
Assessing Ecological Modernization in China: A Longitudinal and Comparative Study of Stakeholder Demands and Corporate Environmental Management Practices $881,100 2012-13

RGC ECS Projects

Project Title
Awarded ($)
Dr LEE Kee Yeun Optimizing Long-Term Charitable Donations by Accounting for ‘Inconspicuous’ Alternatives and Appeals Scales $290,160 2016-17
Dr GUO Wei Vivian
Language and Competition: Firm Language Use,Competitive Response, and Market Consequences
Dr JIANG Yuwei The Bright Side of Waiting: How Waiting for Service Influences Consumption $387,000 2012-13