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4-Year Curriculum
  Level One

General Management  MM1051 Tango! Managing Self & Leading Others
  MM1L01 Tango! Managing Self & Leading Others

  Level Two

General Management
MM2021 Management & Organisation
Marketing  MM2B05 Introduction to Marketing
MM2711 Introduction to Marketing
Management Information Systems  MM2422 Managing Business Information Systems & Applications
MM2425 Introduction to Business Analytics

  Level Three

General Management 

MM3011 Research Methods for Management

Organisational Behaviour / Human Resource Management MM3111 Human Resource Management
MM3131 Training and Development
MM3141 Organisational Behaviour
MM3151 Managerial Leadership
Management Information Systems

MM3411 Management Information Systems
MM3451 Knowledge Management

Marketing MM3711 Integrated Marketing Communications
MM3721 Consumer Behaviour

MM3761 Marketing Research
MM3782 Marketing Channel Management
MM3791 Retailing and Merchandising
MM3841 Internet Marketing

  Level Four

Organisational Behaviour / Human Resource Management MM4111 Employee Relations
MM4121 Human Resource Management in China
MM4132 Reward & Performance Management
MM4141 Managing Diversity in Organisations
MM4151 Gender and Organizations
MM4161 Staffing and Selection
MM4181 International Human Resource Management
MM4191 Business Negotiation
Strategic Management/Public Sector Management MM4311 Strategic Management
MM4342 Global Business Management
MM4351 Entrepreneurship
MM4361 Social Innovation: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Business
MM4513 Corporate Social Responsibility
MM4522 China Business Management
Management Information Systems 

MM4411 E-Commerce for Management

Marketing MM4711 Business to Business Marketing
MM4721 Marketing Management in China
MM4732 Global Marketing
MM4741 Market Decision Analysis
MM4751 Marketing Strategy
MM4772 Product Management
MM4781 Sales Management
MM4791 Services Marketing
MM4831 Strategic Brand Management
Projects / Workshop  MM4922 Management Capstone Project
MM4942 Marketing Capstone Project