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BBA (Hons) in Marketing 4-Year, Full-time
  BBA (Hons) in Marketing 4-Year, Full-time


Programme Title
    Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Marketing 
Programme Code
    02402-MKT / 02402-SYK
Mode of Attendance
    Normal 4 years / 2 years (for Advanced Standing students admitted to Senior Year places)
    Maximum 8 years / 4 years (for Advanced Standing students admitted to Senior Year places)
Credit Requirements for Graduation
    A minimum of 120 academic credits, plus
    3 training credits for Work-Integrated Education (WIE)
Implementation Date
The first cohort for the revised 4-year curriculum was admitted in September 2012.
Programme Management
Chairman of BBA Scheme Associate Dean (Academic Support) Dr LEUNG Man Kwong man-kwong.leung@polyu.edu.hk
Deputy Chairman of BBA Scheme Prof LAI Kee Hung Mike mike.lai@polyu.edu.hk
Programme Leader Dr TAM Lai Ming Jackie jackie.tam@polyu.edu.hk
Deputy Programme Leader Dr CHEN Siok Ngoh Ivy ivy.chen@polyu.edu.hk

  Programme Guide

Programme Guide 2017/2018   

Programme Guide 2016/2017   

Programme Guide 2015/2016   

Programme Guide 2014/2015   

Programme Guide 2013/2014   

Programme Guide 2012/2013   


  Programme Structure

General University Requirements [30 Credits] 
Cluster Area Requirements (CAR) [12 Credits]
Language and Communication (LCR) [9 Credits]
Freshman Seminar [3 Credits]
Leadership & Intra-Personal Development [3 Credits]
Service Learning [3 Credits]
Healthy Lifestyle [non-credit bearing]

  General University Requirements (GUR) (minimum 30 credits)

 Discipline Specific Requirement (DSR) (90 credits) 
 I. Compulsory Core Subjects to all BBA awards (57 credits)

AF1605 Introduction to Economics*
AF2108 Financial Accounting
AF2110 Management Accounting 1
AF2504 Introduction to Business Law
AF2602 Global Economics Environment
AF3313 Business Finance
AMA1501 Introduction to Statistics for Business
APSS111 Introduction to Psychology*
CBS3221P Chinese Language Communication for Business
ELC3221 Workplace English for Business Students I
ELC3222 Workplace English for Business Students II
LGT2106 Principles of Operations Management*
MM1051 Tango! Managing Self & Leading Others*
MM2021 Management & Organization
MM2422 Managing Business Information Systems & Applications
MM2425 Introduction to Business Analytics
MM2711 Introduction to Marketing*
MM4311 Strategic Management
MM4513 Corporate Social Responsibility

*These subjects can satisfy both DSR and GUR
 II. Specialization for BBA (Hons) in Management (33 credits)
  Compulsory Subjects (8 subjects, 27 credits)
MM3711 Integrated Marketing Communications
MM3721 Consumer Behaviour
MM3761 Marketing Research
MM4711 Business to Business Marketing
MM4732 Global Marketing
MM4751 Marketing Strategy
MM4772 Product Management
MM4942 Marketing Capstone Project (6 credits) 

Elective Subjects (any 2 subjects, 6 credits)
MM2392 Social  Entrepreneurship Practicum
MM3771 Further Marketing Research
MM3782 Marketing Channel Management
MM3791 Retailing and Merchandising
MM3841 Internet Marketing
MM4391 Management Practice Through Real World Projects
MM4721 Marketing Management in China
MM4741 Market Decision Analysis
MM4781 Sales Management
MM4791 Services Marketing
MM4831 Strategic Brand Management

 Nine Credits of Free Electives (9 credits)

In addition to the minimum total 111 credits for GUR and DSR, students are required to take 9 credits of free electives, which can be used for fulfilling the requirements of a particular combination of study options (e.g. Minor programme), for taking advanced electives, or for further broadening purposes, subject to meeting the pre-requisite requirements.

 Work-Integrated Education (3 training credits)
  Programme Application
Programme Brochure 2018/2019   

    Please visit here for application.