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  Level Five

General Management 

MM5001 Essential Business Theories and Concepts
MM501  Research Methods
MM5021  Business Ethics

MM5041  MBA Orientation Workshop
MM5057 Leadership Development Programme: Management Orientation Workshop

Organisational Behaviour / Human Resource Management 

MM511  Managing Organizations and People
MM5117 Managing Organizations and People 組織與人事管理
MM5131 Organisational Behaviour & Development
MM5133  Organizational Behaviour & Leadership
MM514  Human Resource Management
MM515 Organisational Behaviour
MM516 Management of Pay and Benefits
MM517 Human Resource Development
MM518 Employee Relations
MM5191 Negotiation and Conflict Management
MM5201 Global Leadership in the Asian Context
MM5221 Human Resource Management in China
MM5231 Strategic Human Resource Management
MM5251 Cross-cultural Management
MM5261 Gender and Organizations

Strategic Management 

MM531 Strategic Management
MM5317 Strategic Management for Executives 戰略管理
MM532 Management Policy and Strategy
MM533 Organisation Management and Strategy
MM534 Entrepreneurship
MM5381 Key Issues in China Business
MM539 International Management

Management Information Systems 

MM5424 Management Information Systems
MM5425 Business Analytics
MM544 E-Commerce
MM548 System Dynamics for Business Policy

Public Sector / Management 

MM552 Public Sector Management in Hong Kong
MM553 Public Policy Analysis
MM554 Political and Economic Environment for Management
MM557 Public Sector Financial Management
MM559 Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
MM560 Management of Nonprofit Organizations
MM5671 Strategic Management in the Public Sector
MM5681 Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability


MM571 Marketing in China
MM5712 Marketing Management in China
MM573 Marketing Strategy
MM574 Managing Customers and Markets
MM576 Marketing Management
MM5761 Marketing Management
MM5762 Marketing Management
MM578 Services Marketing
MM5803 Introduction to Customer Value
MM582 Business to Business Marketing
MM584 Sales Management
MM587 Consumer Behaviour
MM588 Brand Management
MM589 Promotion and Advertising

Projects / Workshop 

MM5913 Field Study for Business Management
MM592 HRM Dissertation
MM5921 Practice of Human Resource Management
MM5931 MBA Investigative Report
MM595 PSM Dissertation
MM5951 Practice of Public Sector Management
MM597 Marketing Management Dissertation

  Level Six

General Management 

MM6001 Research Methodology
MM6004 Research Methods for Behavioural Research
MM6011 Qualitative Research & Experimental Design
MM602 Business Research Analysis and Design

MM603 Independent Studies in Business
MM6032 Independent Studies in Business - International Collaborations Experience

MM604 Statistical Analysis for Management Research
MM6200 University Teaching/ Research Practicum
MM6201 Research Seminars in Management and Marketing I
MM6202 Research Seminars in Management and Marketing II

MM6203 Research Seminars in Management and Marketing III

MM6204 Research Seminars in Management and Marketing IV

Organisational Behaviour / Human Resource Management 

MM612 Current Issues in Organisational Behaviour
MM613 Research in Organisational Behaviour
MM614 Frontier of Leadership Research

Strategic Management 

MM631 Advanced Business Strategy

MM633 Research in Strategic Management

Management Information Systems

MM6412 Strategic Management of Information & Organization in Digital Economy


MM672 Services Marketing Management
MM674 Research Seminar in Marketing
MM675 Strategic Marketing

Guided Study MM6891 Guided Study in Management and Marketing I
MM6892 Guided Study in Management and Marketing II
MM6893 Guided Study in Management and Marketing III
Projects / Workshop 

MM691 DBA Residential 1
MM6911 DMgt Residential 1
MM692 DBA Residential 2
MM6921 DMgt Residential 2
MM6994 DBA Thesis I
MM6995 DBA Thesis II
MM6996 DMgt Thesis I
MM6997 DMgt Thesis II