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Year 2016-2017
Date Presenter Topic
22 Jun 2017 Prof. Wynne W. Chin *(University of Houston) On Partial Least Squares Variance Based Component SEM (VBSEM) vs. Covariance Based SEM (CBSEM) for Confirmatory Analysis: The Role of Weights, Components and Variance Explained
19 Jun 2017 Prof. Arun RAI *(Georgia State University) Avoiding Type III Errors: Formulating IS Research Problems that Matter
9 Jun 2017 Prof. Robert W. Palmatier *(University of Washington) Creating and Appropriating Alliance Value through Customer-Centric Structures
31 May 2017 Dr Tiziana Casciaro *(University of Toronto) Why Connect? Moral Consequences Of Networking Motives
25 May 2017 Prof. Charles Ingene *(University of Oklahoma) An Empirical Investigation of Tradeoffs Between Medical Adherence and Healthful Self-management
22 May 2017 Prof. Andrew Ching *(University of Toronto) How Much Do Consumers Know About the Quality of Products? Evidence from the Diaper Market
19 May 2017 Prof. Carrie Leana *(University of Pittsburgh) The price of financial precarity: Organizational costs of employees’ financial concerns
9 May 2017 Prof. Juliano Laran *(Miami University) The Effect of Busyness on Motivation
2 May 2017 Dr Nicole *(MeadUniversity of Melbourne) Improving Self-Control
24 Apr 2017 Prof. Eric (Er) Fang *(University of Illinois) Marketing Strategy Research in Digital and Data-Rich Environment(Group Marketing Dynamics)
24 Mar 2017 Prof. Mathew HAYWARD *(Monash Business School) Premium for Informal Transactions? Employer employee loan choices in entrepreneurial firms
16 Mar 2017 Prof. Frank Schweitzer *(Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) The rise and fall of firm collaborations - Insights from a large-scale analysis of R&D networks
16 Mar 2017 Prof. Alokparna (Sonia) Basu Monga *(Rutgers Business School) When do Political Ideologies Affect Brand Extension Evaluation? The Role of Analytic versus Holistic Mindsets
16 Mar 2017 Prof. Ashwani Monga *(Rutgers Business School) Eliciting Time versus Money in Time-Money tradeoffs: Asymmetric Consideration of Time Scarcity Leads to Asymmetry in Consumer Wage Rates
13 Mar 2017 Dr Yu Zhang *(China Europe International Business School) Late-Stage Private Equity Investment as a Non-Market Strategy: Evidence from Chinese pre-IPO Firms
10 Mar 2017 Dr Yajin Wang *(University of Maryland) How luxury consumption influences Prosocial Behavior
6 Mar 2017 Prof. Peter Bamberger *(Tel Aviv University) Addressing the “Too Much Theory” Problem in Management and Organizational Research: Abductive Reasoning and the Role of Academy of Management Discoveries
1 Mar 2017 Dr Brent McFerran *(Simon Fraser University) (I’m) Happy to Help (You): The Impact of Personal Pronoun Use in Customer-Firm Interactions
16 Feb 2017 Dr Janghyuk Lee *(Korea University Business School) Desirability Bias and its Impact on Lottery Ticket Sales
20 Jan 2017 Prof. Herman Aguinis *(University of Toronto) How to Turn Half-baked Ideas into High-impact Empirical Studies
16 Jan 2017 Mr Bo Wen *(University of Southern California) Reforming Civil Service When Employees are Unhappy A Longitudinal Study of Job Satisfaction of Environmental Enforcement Officials in Guangzhou, China
9 Jan 2017 Prof. Dr. Nick Lin-Hi *(University of Vechta, Germany) Exploring the effects of internal CSR on work attitudes and behaviors of Chinese blue-collar workers
5 Dec 2016 Prof. Charles Weinberg *(University of British Columbia) The Value of Usage-Based Insurance beyond Better Targeting: Better Driving
30 Nov 2016 Prof. Carolyn Yoon *(University of Michigan) Neuroforecasting Crowdfunding Outcomes
18 Nov2016 Mr Jinghui QIAN *(University of Toronto) The Effect of Charitable Giving on Corporate Image Building and Market Entry: The Case of Walmart