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Year 2016-2017
Date Presenter Topic

Dr Zhu Meng

(Johns Hopkins Carey Business School)

The Motivational Consequences of

Resource Constraints

Dr Ni Jian

(Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

A Dynamic Game of Doctors’ Participation

in Online Platform

Prof. Pankaj Aggarwal

(University of Toronto
Facing Dominance: Anthropomorphism and the Effect of Product Face Ratio on Consumer Preference

Dr Minki KIM

(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Mapping Consumers’ Context-Dependent Consumption Preferences: A Multidimensional Unfolding Approach

Prof. Sandy Jap

(Emory University)
The Case for Franchise Encroachment

Dr Yunchuan LIU

(University of Illinois)
Return Policies in Distribution Channels
22 Jun 2017 Prof. Wynne W. Chin *(University of Houston) On Partial Least Squares Variance Based Component SEM (VBSEM) vs. Covariance Based SEM (CBSEM) for Confirmatory Analysis: The Role of Weights, Components and Variance Explained
19 Jun 2017 Prof. Arun RAI *(Georgia State University) Avoiding Type III Errors: Formulating IS Research Problems that Matter
9 Jun 2017 Prof. Robert W. Palmatier *(University of Washington) Creating and Appropriating Alliance Value through Customer-Centric Structures
31 May 2017 Dr Tiziana Casciaro *(University of Toronto) Why Connect? Moral Consequences Of Networking Motives
25 May 2017 Prof. Charles Ingene *(University of Oklahoma) An Empirical Investigation of Tradeoffs Between Medical Adherence and Healthful Self-management
22 May 2017 Prof. Andrew Ching *(University of Toronto) How Much Do Consumers Know About the Quality of Products? Evidence from the Diaper Market
19 May 2017 Prof. Carrie Leana *(University of Pittsburgh) The price of financial precarity: Organizational costs of employees’ financial concerns
9 May 2017 Prof. Juliano Laran *(Miami University) The Effect of Busyness on Motivation
2 May 2017 Dr Nicole *(MeadUniversity of Melbourne) Improving Self-Control
24 Apr 2017 Prof. Eric (Er) Fang *(University of Illinois) Marketing Strategy Research in Digital and Data-Rich Environment(Group Marketing Dynamics)
24 Mar 2017 Prof. Mathew HAYWARD *(Monash Business School) Premium for Informal Transactions? Employer employee loan choices in entrepreneurial firms
16 Mar 2017 Prof. Frank Schweitzer *(Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) The rise and fall of firm collaborations - Insights from a large-scale analysis of R&D networks
16 Mar 2017 Prof. Alokparna (Sonia) Basu Monga *(Rutgers Business School) When do Political Ideologies Affect Brand Extension Evaluation? The Role of Analytic versus Holistic Mindsets
16 Mar 2017 Prof. Ashwani Monga *(Rutgers Business School) Eliciting Time versus Money in Time-Money tradeoffs: Asymmetric Consideration of Time Scarcity Leads to Asymmetry in Consumer Wage Rates
13 Mar 2017 Dr Yu Zhang *(China Europe International Business School) Late-Stage Private Equity Investment as a Non-Market Strategy: Evidence from Chinese pre-IPO Firms
10 Mar 2017 Dr Yajin Wang *(University of Maryland) How luxury consumption influences Prosocial Behavior
6 Mar 2017 Prof. Peter Bamberger *(Tel Aviv University) Addressing the “Too Much Theory” Problem in Management and Organizational Research: Abductive Reasoning and the Role of Academy of Management Discoveries
1 Mar 2017 Dr Brent McFerran *(Simon Fraser University) (I’m) Happy to Help (You): The Impact of Personal Pronoun Use in Customer-Firm Interactions
16 Feb 2017 Dr Janghyuk Lee *(Korea University Business School) Desirability Bias and its Impact on Lottery Ticket Sales
20 Jan 2017 Prof. Herman Aguinis *(University of Toronto) How to Turn Half-baked Ideas into High-impact Empirical Studies
16 Jan 2017 Mr Bo Wen *(University of Southern California) Reforming Civil Service When Employees are Unhappy A Longitudinal Study of Job Satisfaction of Environmental Enforcement Officials in Guangzhou, China
9 Jan 2017 Prof. Dr. Nick Lin-Hi *(University of Vechta, Germany) Exploring the effects of internal CSR on work attitudes and behaviors of Chinese blue-collar workers
5 Dec 2016 Prof. Charles Weinberg *(University of British Columbia) The Value of Usage-Based Insurance beyond Better Targeting: Better Driving
30 Nov 2016 Prof. Carolyn Yoon *(University of Michigan) Neuroforecasting Crowdfunding Outcomes
18 Nov2016 Mr Jinghui QIAN *(University of Toronto) The Effect of Charitable Giving on Corporate Image Building and Market Entry: The Case of Walmart