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Year 2017-2018
Date Presenter Topic

Dr Wenbo Wang

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Extracting and Utilizing In-Consumption Moment-to-Moment Dynamics: The Case of Movie Appreciation and Live Comments

Prof. Yulin Fang

(City University of Hong Kong)

System Dynamics Modeling for

Information Systems Research –Theory Development and Practical Application
11-Jun-2018 Prof. Michael Harris Bond Going cross-cultural in studying business practice: Why bother and how best to engage?

Dr Amy Y. Ou

(NUS business school)
humble path to the top: How humility helps leaders succeed in their career

Dr You Jin(YJ) Kim

(Temple University)
From Me to You and Back to Me: A Dyadic Model of Motives, Pride, Gratitude, and Helping

Prof. Hsing Kenneth Cheng

(University of Florida)
Do You Want to Bet? New Service Operations Business Models Leveraging Consumers’ Present-Biased Preferences
23-May-2018 Prof. C. Nathan DeWall
(University of Kentucky)
The Pain of Rejection: Breaking and Restoring Social Bonds

Dr Alison Jing Xu

(University of Minnesota)

Thematic Product Assortment Displays

Enhance Appreciation of Creativity in the Marketplace: The Spillover Effect of a Relational Processing Mind-Set

Prof. Duncan K. H. Fong

(Penn State Smeal College of Business)
Tools for Marketing Research: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Dr Dora C. Lau

(Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Felt Trust at Work: A Multi-Theoretical and Multi-Referent Examination

Dr Kyoung Yong Kim

(City University of Hong Kong)
Organizational Support and Organizational Performance: Contributions of High-Performance Work Practices, Resource Scarcity, and CEO Leadership

Prof. Chi-Nien Chung

(National University of Singapore Business School)
Resource Access or Status Identity: Marriage Ties among Large Family Business Groups in an Emerging Economy

Dr Amy Dalton

(Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Keepin’ it Cool: The Behavioral Effects of Wearing Sunglasses

Prof. Jeffrey Inman

(University of Pittsburgh)
Emotional Gist: How Smartphone Use Changes User-Generated Content

Dr Joey T. Cheng

(University of Illinois)

Competition for Social Rank:

Strategies, Signaling, and Consequences

Dr Claire I. Tsai

(University of Toronto)
The Thought Counts: Effect of Surprise on Consumption Enjoyment Over Time
09-Mar-2018 Dr Leonard Lee
(National University of Singapore)
Price Promotions and Consumption Experience

Dr Helen Zhao

(University of Hong Kong)
Superstar Jinx? Gaining and Losing Status in Organizations

Dr Frank May

(Virginia Tech)
So Far, So Long: Frame of Delay Moderates the Effect of Delayed Rewards on Patience
26-Feb-2018 Prof. Peter Bamberger
(Cornell University)
Pay Secrecy, Signaling and Employee Turnover at the Individual and Firm Levels: The Moderating Role of Distributive Justice Climate

Dr Jing (Alice) Wang

(University of Iowa)
The Effects of Social Relationships on Narrative Persuasion

Dr Ning Li

(University of Iowa)

Embracing the Digital Workplace:

Exploring the Effects of Employee Online

Collaboration Patterns on Individual Outcomes

Prof. Sabine Sonnentag

(University of Mannheim)
Conducting daily-survey studies

Prof. Sabine Sonnentag

(University of Mannheim)

Staying well and engaged at work:

Leisure-time detachment from work

and morning reattachment to work matter

Dr Kenneth Tai

(Singapore Management University)
Helping as Status Relations: The Role of Envy, Relative Performance Standing and Internal Locus of Control in Influencing the Effects of Receiving Help on Giving help

Prof. Rajesh Bagchi

(Virginia Tech)
Systematic Biases in Evaluations of Multiple Percentage Price Discounts or Surcharges: When 18% Change Followed by 12% is More than 12% Followed by 18%

Prof. Jason Thatcher

(Clemson University)
Preventing spear-phishing victimization through concrete and abstract fear appeal construals: An online field experiment grounded in construal-level theory and protection0motivation theory

Dr Yajin Wang

(University of Maryland)
The Journey That Makes Us: The Impact of Residential Mobility on Intrinsic Motivation

Prof. Jane Lu

(China Europe International Business School)
State, Family and Profession: The Adoption of Old-age Insurance Practice in Chinese Private-owned Enterprises

Prof. Aichia Chuang

(National Taiwan University)
Existential Crises and Work Tailoring among Entrepreneurs for Meaning
29-Nov-2017 Prof. Mark Bolino
(University of Oklahoma)
Negative Beliefs About Accepting Coworker Help and Other Explorations of the “Dark Side” of Organizational Citizenship Behavior
27-Nov-2017 Dr Jiyang Dong
(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 

Deviate or not, it’s a Matter of Experience:

Organizational Adaptation to a Dynamic Institutional Pressure

Dr Dai Yao

(National University of Singapore Business School)
Demand Estimation with Non-Constant Stochastic Variance: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Dr Marko Pitesa

(Singapore Management University)
Workplace Micro-foundations of Attractiveness Advantage

Dr Szu-chi Huang

(Stanford University)
When, Why, and How Social Information Avoidance Costs You in Goal Pursuit

Dr Eric Luis Uhlmann

(INSEAD Business School, Singapore)
Crowdsourcing Science

Prof. Ana Valenzuela

(City University of New York)
Good Vibrations: Consumer Responses to Technology-Mediated Haptic Feedback

Dr Robert Demir

(Lancaster University Management School)
Predicting Expatriate Managers’ Ability to Forecast Sales: The Role of Experience, Cognition, and Network Learning

Dr Yaniv Shani

(Tel Aviv University)
When and Why Consumers Are “Accidently” Careless With Products They Own